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Training is an investment in your future

Currently, two of the most popular courses for people who`ve decided on a mining job are Dump Truck Training and the Standard 11 Mining Induction.

All those making a decision to upgrade their skills share at least three things in common and have asked themselves:

  1. What is my future worth?
  2. Do I have what it takes?
  3. Am I ready?

Here is some good honest evaluation of what a relatively small investment of your time and resources now can mean to you over the long term

Time wise we`re looking at a few weeks, subject to the courses you choose. †Resources wise, we`re looking at a few thousand, again subject to choices. Regardless of what you choose, the overall cost will most likely be less than many people spend for a good used car. However, the potential return is worth about $80,000+ per annum, which is decidedly unlike the return on the car you bought a while back.

Though the Dump Truck Training course is the most popular, at least for the time being, there are other options from which to choose. If you like operating machinery you can always opt for a front end load or excavator to name just a few. Perhaps Occupational Health and Safety is more in your line of thinking. Either way, whether you are hands on or clerically minded, there are mining jobs for all skills

Dump Truck training no Heavy Rigid License required

Let`s take a quick look at the Dump Truck Training course for a moment. Most people are surprised to learn you don`t need a HR license to enrol. Yup you read correctly, no Heavy Rigid license. Right there a savings can be had. No additional time and no additional money.

Think about it, $3490 and in five days you will have a nationally recognised RIIMPO311A Conduct Haul Truck Operations certification including your Black Coal Competency.† Not much time or money considering where you can go with it.

Standard 11 Mining Induction: Small investment, big return

Regardless of which of the many options you choose, there is one constant that remains when up skillingӦwhich is completing the Standard 11 Mining Induction course.

Most agree completing the Standard 11 Mining Induction lends you an edge over other job seekers who fail to show it on their resume. Undertaking the Standard 11 Mining Induction course also demonstrates to potential employers that not only are you keen to work, but you are also willing to invest your money and time for your future.

You can complete the course in 3 days for less than $1000. Put into perspective that`s hardly anytime at all, and less than you`d spend on a tune-up and a couple of tyres for the money pit mentioned earlier.

Mining Jobs training with an RTO

This is a very brief look at the mining jobs training possibilities. Should you decide on a mining career along with the relative mining jobs training, always go with an accredited RTO. Again there are choices and iMINCO is just one. What sets us apart is our committed staff who can guide you from your initial inquiry through to your job application.

Now, the choice is yours. The question is: are you ready?


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