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Thiess Jobs

If you're thinking of applying for this job, make sure your resume is up-to-date and includes at least some of the keywords contained within the advert.Click Here to download our Expert Mining Resume Guide and create the best version of your mining resume.

Only applicants with real skills should apply. When sending in your application for the job, be sure to highlight the skills you have which are relevant.

Safety is a high priority in this industry. This job requires you to have a heightened sense of awareness and also appreciate the importance of safety in the workplace.

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Thiess Jobs “ An Overview

Thiess jobsThiess is one of the leading mining and construction companies in Australia. It is also one of the largest employers in the mining sector, giving opportunities to a large number of people from diverse backgrounds. In this article, we take a look at Thiess jobs, the work culture, the various opportunities offered by the company, and the best way to apply for a job in mining.

The Work Culture

Thiess offers you an opportunity to work with the best talents in the industry. It allows you to learn from the best and develop the skills required to further your career. It gives you the freedom to think outside the box and innovate. It has a performance-driven work culture that encourages and rewards you for giving your very best.

The Opportunities Offered

One of the reasons why Thiess jobs are sought after by many people is that the company not only gives you an opportunity to earn, but also an opportunity to learn and grow. The company offers a number of apprenticeship programs, training programs, graduate programs, and vacation programs for people from all sorts of educational backgrounds.

Thiess Jobs for Graduates

The company regularly hires graduates who have a background in mine engineering, structural engineering, tunneling, environmental management, health and safety, and a number of other subjects.

Graduate Programs

The company has a two-year career development program for graduates who want to learn on the job. The program is designed to improve your technical and interpersonal skills and maximise your potential. It gives you a chance to work on real projects and pick the brains of highly experienced industry leaders and mentors. It also offers you a competitive salary package.

Vacation Programs

The company offers vacation programs for students who are searching to get real on the job experience while still studying. These programs expose you to real-world challenges and working conditions. A lot of students who have completed these programs have also been offered a place in the company`s graduate career development program.

Applying for Thiess Jobs

The company looks for three types of people “ experienced people, cross skilled people, and trainees.

  • Experienced “ People who typically have at least 12 months of mining experience and possess the core competencies required for mining.
  • Cross Skilled “ People from other industries with skills that are transferable. They are trained and brought up to speed with mining training programs.
  • Trainees “ Cleanskins with no experience searching to break into the mining industry.

The company hires people from different backgrounds for various positions within the business. So, no matter what your qualifications are, you may find a suitable opportunity for you at the company. This is one of the main reasons why a large number of people “ right from people who have completed year 12 to people with professional degrees “ eagerly apply for Thiess jobs.

You can apply for a job through the official website of the company. The vacancies are regularly listed on the `Careers` section of the website. You can also register for `Job Alerts` and get notified about training programs and job opportunities.

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Thiess Jobs


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