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Thiess Jobs To Soar – $1.8bn CSG Contract

Thiess Jobs CSG iMINCOThiess (a subsidiary company of the Leighton Group), one of the leading construction and mining services contractors of Australia has just signed a contract with coal seam gas giant QGC worth $1.8 billion.

1600 workers are needed urgently to fill Thiess jobs.

Coal-seam gas fields and LNG

The immense investment being made in the development of new coal-seam gas fields and the LNG capacity in Australia is currently driving a diverse range of Thiess jobs and opportunities within other companies who fall under the Leighton Group umbrella.

Theiss jobs are expected to be offered constructing gas compression facilities and performing other related tasks for the expansive QCLNG project in the Surat Basin.

Thiess is working on increasing their manpower with CSG jobs at Thiess in the Surat Basin, which is expected to reach a peak of 2,600 by early 2014. It’s expected further jobs at Thiess will be created as this new contract has expanded to include building gas transmission compression stations nearby at Dalby, Miles, Chinchilla and Wandoan in Queensland’s West.

Workers are needed to help in the processing of gas via the huge pipeline to Gladstone, where the gas is to be liquefied. Major player QGC already employs about 12,000 people, with another 18,000 at the three other CSG projects in Queensland.

The investment currently being injected into the development of new coal-seam gas and LNG resources in Australia is quite mind-blowing. According to McKinsey & Company, (the trusted advisor and counselor to many of the world’s most influential businesses and institutions), the speed of growth of the LNG industry alone is set to contribute a colossal $520 billion to Australia’s economy in the decade from 2015, adding 2.6% to national GDP and increasing the annual tax take by $11 billion.

This new contract will increase Thiess` role in the project extensively and offers immense opportunity for new Thiess jobs to be created across a diverse number of resource sectors. Thiess is in charge of constructing the 18 Field Compression Stations (FCS) and 4 Central Processing Plants (CPP). The work is scheduled to be completed by November 2014.

Thiess Jobs

(Source: The Courier Mail – $1.8 Billion Contract To Create 1600 Thiess Jobs)

Background on the Thiess – QGC partnership

In February 2012, Thiess signed a $325 million contract with QGC for constructing 6Field Compression Stations and a Central Processing Plant. The exceptional quality of work Thiess has delivered to QGC made it a no-brainer to award them this additional contract. This contract is also considered to be a landmark for construction and mining industry`s job market as multiple Thiess jobs have opened.

The contract has been signed by QGC`s Project Director Mitch Ingram and Thiess Managing Director Bruce Munro who said, “Thiess is proud of the strength of that relationship and the value we bring to the QCLNG project through the depth of our expertise in LNG and our ability to manage the logistics of this contract over such a vast geographical area.”

Hamish Tyrwhitt, Leighton Holdings` CEO thinks that these types of huge resource sector investment would contribute significantly to the development of new coal-seam gas fields and LNG in Australia.

It gives multiple opportunities to Thiess and other related companies which are a part of Leighton Group of Companies. He says, “Our operating companies have developed a high degree of competency in delivering essential infrastructure for these large resources projects and in the future, we will look to export those core capabilities into new geographies as other LNG and CSG opportunities emerge.”

According to Munro, “Thiess has so far entered into contracts worth around $64 million with local Queensland companies to supply a range of services in the Surat Basin. Thiess was founded on the Darling Downs nearly 80 years ago and we`re thrilled to be back working in the region and providing support to local community groups.”


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