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Thiess Jobs – Bowen Basin $550 Million Contract

Thiess Jobs - Bowen Basin $550 Million Contract - iMINCOThiess mining contractors have once again beaten fierce mining contractor competition and won a $550 million contract at the Lake Vermont Coal Mine, near Dysart in the Bowen Basin.

The Bowen Basin is once again heating up with more Thiess jobs on the horizon.

This is on top of the original $2.3 billion contract they won way back in July 2012, to extend the Queensland coal mine. That initial contract, created a flurry of Thiess jobs and was welcomed by many job seekers looking to work in the mines. It’s estimated the current workforce at the Lake Vermont Coal Mine is somewhere in the region of 350.

Total Thiess mining operations include:
  • planning.
  • drill and blast.
  • removal of overburden.
  • coal mining.
  • coal processing.
  • coal transportation preparation; and
  • maintenance of all fixed and mobile plant.

The new contract for Thiess is a big win as their strong reputation and mining know-how is being called upon by Jellinbah Resources to increase production again over the term of the five year contract.

Jellinbah Resources Pty Ltd is a company that was formed by Queensland Coal Mine Management Pty Ltd (QCMM) and develops and markets low volatile PCI coal, semi-soft coking coal and thermal coal from QCMM coal mines in Queensland.

Thiess are excited to be again working with Jellinbah Resources to help reduce costs and increase productivity across every aspect of the mining operations. Thiess jobs have always been complimented with a layer of extreme safety training for all their employees.

Reaching new production levels at the Bowen Basin mine will contribute to maintaining Thisss jobs at the mine as well as remaining competitive in a global metallurgical coal market.

About Lake Vermont Coal Mine

Mining at Lake Vermont Mine produces two coal products:

  • Hard coking coal
  • PCI coal

It is situated about 730km northwest of Brisbane and 19 km from Dysart, at an altitude of about 182m. This is an open cut mine with Theiss as the mine operator, and is currently producing 4.0Mtpa of high quality coal.

The mine has been relatively easy to manage and accessing the coal seam without too much overburden stripping has made the Lake Vermont Mine a highly productive coal mine for Queensland.

The coal is extracted by drill and blast methods and removed with shovel and dozer push and loaded on to haul trucks. An on-site coal processing facility processes 800 tonnes per hour, then stockpiled. Coal is loaded onto 7,500 tonne trains for transport to Gladstone Port or Darymple Bay Coal Terminal and Abbott Point Port.

Where to find Thiess jobs

Finding Thiess jobs can be challenging for a lot of people, especially if you are new to mining or are a trade qualified worked looking to move across from civil construction to the mining industry.

Thiess recruits people from a wide range of backgrounds and are always looking for the right people to join their team. They class job applications in three ways;

  • Trainees
    Trainees are job-ready people who don’t have any formal experience in mining or related industries but would really like to get a start in the mining industry.
  • Cross-skilled
    Cross-Skilled people are classified by Thiess as people with a background in a from a variety of industries like farming, construction, maintenance or other similar industries. Generally people who have these existing skills and knowledge tend to lack formal mining experience, although training to get up to speed with mining operations can be relatively easy.
  • Experienced
    Experienced people would have a minimum of 12 months experience in a mining environment and will have completed a number of qualifications and coal competencies.

A last note on Thiess jobs.

Thiess is a diversified company.. that means they can offer a huge array of exciting career opportunities across many industries including telecommunications, energy, water and infrastructure. You can also find Thiess jobs in environmental sciences, health and safety, human resources (HR), finance, information technology and a whole lot more.

Thiess recruits all year round. Trainee recruitment happens periodically throughout the year. For Trainee applicants, Thiess generally look for a stable work history and like to employ people who live in or close to the state or region in which they operate.

Here are some quick tips to find Thiess jobs online.

  • Search for Thiess jobs on Google
    Be specific about your search question. Use search terms like.
    Thiess jobs Queensland, or Thiess jobs mining or Thiess jobs or jobs with Thiess.
  • Go to the mining jobs boards like SEEK or CareerOne, search for Thiess jobs (in your State) or interstate if you’re looking for FIFO mining jobs with Thiess.
  • Go directly to the Thiess website. They only accept job applications via their careers page at
    There is some good information on Thiess jobs and how to apply by going to this web page
  • Target your mining resume at Thiess jobs. Make your resume mining focused and specifically aimed at Thiess and the job you are applying for. Read why you need a professional mining resume.
  • Look at enhancing your Thiess job application by completing additional mining courses.
  • See what online mining courses you can do. Online training is easy to complete and you can do this from anywhere with an internet connection.

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