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The Government NEEDS Mining Workers

Queensland is facing a critical shortage of mining workers including welders, fitters, construction workers and miners in the next three years. Check out which mining projects need the most workers

A report by Pit Crew Consulting studied 111 major projects either planned or under way in QLD worth $133 billion and found significant labour shortages will be felt from next year.

The critical shortages come despite plans by the Federal Government to find up to 70,000 skilled mining workers to fill vacancies in the next few years.

At least 10,000 of those mining jobs will be soaked up by the Gorgon liquefied gas plant in Western Australia but there is also expected to be furthermining jobs created byAustralia widegas and resources projects over the next ten years.

Pit Crew Consulting said overall the demand for construction labour on major projects in Qld is forecast to increase by around 20% over the next 3 years, however some skills will be in greater demand than others.

For instance there will be a heavy demand for metal trades and electricians in the mining industry.


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  1. brian October 11, 2010 Reply

    hi me again if the goverment were to subside the dump truck training courses you wouldnt have to fine thousands of dollars to do a course to get the job you want l,m a family man with kids and i dont have thousand of dollars to spent doing dump truck courses and then somehow get the exp all the mines want

  2. brian October 11, 2010 Reply

    hi i,ve been in the transport industry for thirty five i have a mc licence white card i have driven all over aust in all kinds of conditions i have driven b doubles trucks and dogs b double tippers side tippers but becauce i have no mining exp i cant get a job in the mines driving mc side tippers i wonder if someone with no exp at all done a dump truck course would get a job over me becauce they had a ticket and i dont

    • Blake November 11, 2010

      Try and think outside the square a bit with your vast truck driving experience you could work for contractors in or outside of the mine for example there are companies large and small that have the contracts to cart explosives into the mine site also companies that cart diesel 24/7 into the minesites and then there are companies that run road train side tipper kenworths inside the mine carting coal to the roms. It might pay for you to decide on a mine in an area you would like to live/work then search for all transport companies that work in that area and make contact with them some of them may be willing to put you through the courses because of the experience you have

  3. Frieda Anthes August 1, 2010 Reply

    Hello, I am in the same position as Vanessa and cannot relate to the government stating that there is a shortage of experienced workers

    I have been operating and working on manufacturing and construction sites, have done a dump truck course in WA, am a ticketed operator experiece with experience and in and out of work.Completing Cert IV OH&S and more and still have not been successful in finding a position.
    Is it because I do not have an Engineer ‘s qualification?

  4. Vanessa Howe July 19, 2010 Reply

    I have been trying to get a dump truck traineeship in the mining industry for 2 years, hence doing several courses and licences to be to improve my chances. I did one day dump truck driving at a mine in Kandos, and discovered the driving is not an issue but the attitude of being a female ( the only one in 100 years) in an all male mine was a problem for the mining managers. I was offered the job by the contractor , who later was pressured to cancel my job offer. Due to lack of female facilites. I am exceptionally keen to work and have full commitment in gaining employment in the mining industry as a driver. I have MR licence, forklift, blue and white card, traffic controller licence, 1st aid, police clearance.mature female with excellent work history, even as a company director in a recruitment industry for 16 years, yet, I don’t even get a look in or even a response from job applications. So how does one approach this industry and get past the recruiters who just look at the quality of your ” Cover Letter ” before they even take at look at your resume.? Regards

    • Pete - iMINCO July 20, 2010

      Hi Vanessa
      I know that most larger mines and mining companies do not have a problem with discrimination like you experienced. It is still definitely not an even playing field but it has come along way. Every job is competitive, the only way is to keep applying consistently and you will come across the employer who has decided to increase their intake of women. It will be a matter of having your application in front of them at the right time. being from the reruiting industry you will know how important it is to capture their attention in the first few lines

      best of Luck


  5. Jov R.Olgado April 14, 2010 Reply


    I’m a mining engineer from the Philippines, and would like to work in any possible job opening you have that will suits my qualification. is this possible?

    Looking forward to your reply

    Jov Olgado

  6. Brad Rowe April 4, 2010 Reply

    Can I talk to someone, I currently hold a manager position in a housing construction company, I am considering the possibility of sourcing a management position in a mining company, is this viable?

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