Surface Generics and Generic Induction

Surface Generics

There are two types of Generic Inductions Surface Generics and Combined Generic Induction. You can get a Surface Generic Induction for working at Surface Mines only or you can get a combined Generic Surface & Underground Induction for both of these mines. If you do not have a particular job you are going for it would be best to undertake the combined course so you are qualified to work on either mine sites.

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  1. Paul September 18, 2012 Reply

    I would like some more info on generic inductions thanks. Prices times and coarse prerequisites. Do you have weekend coarses?

    • Pete September 19, 2012

      Hi Paul
      The Standard 11 mining induction courses are run every week, across Australia. You can check out more information on the iMINCO website mining induction course page, or give Industry Pathways a call on (07) 5520 2522 for more information. They are really helpful and will give you the guidance and assistance you are looking for. The courses are run over 3 days and generally a Friday to Monday.

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. Standard 11 mining induction course

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