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Struggle to meet mining truck demand

Caterpillar is struggling to keep up with the demand for underground mining vehicles.

Ian Barnard, from Pit N Port Rental Group previously said it is growing beyond what they can keep up with at times.

“It’s fairly buoyant, there seems to be extended delays for new equipment supplies, we pretty much do underground equipment, and there’s a waiting list of about two years now to get that equipment, so that’s where rental comes into play,” he said.

120 jobs before years end

On the back of this increased demand the equipment manufacturer has created an additional 50 jobs at its factory in Burnie, Tasmania since November last year and will add 70 more before the end of this year.

The increase in demand for rental equipment is a massive turn around for Caterpillar, which had to lay off nearly 300 workers in 2009.

Local head of operations, Tami Nelson, said the only thing slowing production at the factory is securing enough parts.

“The limiter for us is not what we can build from a fabrication and structures standpoint, but the limiter is can we get enough of the other components we need to build our products.”

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