WA Mining Jobs - Gold Strike Near Kalgoorie

WA Mining Jobs – Gold Strike Near Kalgoorie

iMINCO - WA gold mining BarmincoHave you been looking to Western Australian to score a gold mining job?

Southern Gold is a company to watch closely as it plans to begin operations at its Cannon resource, part of the world-class Bulong Gold Project in Western Australia.

The company has announced its planning to forge ahead with the development of its Cannon gold deposit. Southern Gold *(ASX:SAU) has stated its recent exploration results revealed immense potential to unlock huge gold supplies, which could mean more WA mining jobs.

“immense gold mining potential”

The Bulong Gold Project can be found around 30km east of the famed Kalgoorlie goldfields in WA. The Cannon resource, which had been previously under-explored, shows immense gold mining potential. The close proximity to the nearby infrastructure and processing facilities around Kalgoorlie, has added to Southern Gold’s enthusiasm about further developing the Bulong Gold Project and its Cannon resource.

When the project commences, Southern Gold will need WA gold mining jobs filled to service the entire mining and processing operational needs in the project.

“invest in the necessary mining training now”

Southern Gold`s board of directors gave project approval after positive drilling results were conducted on the Cannon gold resources. This project is scheduled to begin around the middle of 2014 and although Southern Gold haven’t disclosed the numbers of mining job vacancies that need to be filled. If you’re thinking to yourself you’s like to look at a career in gold mining in WA, it would be a smart move to invest in the necessary mining training now, so you’re mine ready when the jobs are advertised.

As a sign of commitment towards the implementation of this project, Southern Gold is gearing up to be cash-positive, securing additional finance, as well as obtaining regulatory approval. Southern Gold has completed all the heritage and environmental surveys. This means that regulatory approval could be quicker than expected.

Cannon Set to Produce 68,000 Ounces of Gold

It’s expected the Cannon gold mining project has a mine life of three years with an expectation of around 68,000 ounces of gold being produced throughout this period.

It is also important to note that data shows there is a evidence that there could be further gold deposits – which means a strong possibility of a continuous flow of WA mining jobs within the Bulong Gold Project.

Southern Gold`s managing director, Nanette Anderson projects tremendous growth for the mining company because it will have competitive advantage as a result of the gold deposits being close to the surface, easily accessible and less expensive to mine . The Cannon mine is also located near gold processing facilities and therefore the operating costs are expected to be significantly reduced.

The near-surface gold deposit location is one of the reasons as to why this project will be implemented using open pit and underground development strategy, therefore both above and underground mining jobs will need to be filled.

Billions Injected Towards Southern Gold Project Implementation

Financial estimates given by Southern Gold show that it will spend $11.7 million AUD in underground mine construction, $1.2 million AUD in road works and A$0.7 in drilling and mine site facilities. This type of financial investment is certain to bring about many WA mining jobs in both underground mining and open-pit mining operations.

So how do you go about creating a new career in gold mining in WA?

Getting a job in the mines is competitive, so you must take the right steps now to plan for a successful career.

This is one way to go about it:

  • Step 1: Get your mining qualifications now – it only takes a couple of days and shows an employer you have the right attitude and training.
  • Step 2: Get a professional mining resume written ASAP. Your shot at an interview hinges on how you present yourself on paper. Some mines have hundreds of applications for their advertised jobs!
    Does your a resume do you justice, or do you think it needs a bit of work? Seriously, an investment in a professionally written resume, (with the right keywords that will be picked up by word scanning software when you apply online) will be something you’ll never regret. It could mean you get a foot in the door to a career that could change your life.
  • Step 3: Once your resume is looking good and targeted towards the job being advertised, chances are you’ll be called in for an interview. iMINCO have created an interview tips e-book you can download which shows you how to prepare for the interview, what questions you’re likely to be asked and how to answer them correctly.

If you`re looking for mining jobs in WA we’ve created a good list of options.

If you want to know where the mining jobs are, which mining companies to contact, to get it noticed by recruitment companies “ then this e-book is for you. Download the FREE mining jobs guide today.

Finally, if you need guidance, expert advice and just some simple direction on which training courses you need to do help you get a mining job with Southern Gold – call Industry Pathways on info@iminco.net.

Reference: WA Mining Jobs on Horizon as Study Reveals Gold Near Kalgoorlie

* Southern Gold is a public listed company. You can find them on the Australian Stock Exchange with the code: SAU
They are active in mining gold, nickel and base metal minerals in Australia and Cambodia.

Southern Gold Head Office: Ground Floor, 229 Greenhill Road, DULWICH, SA, AUSTRALIA, 5065
Contact: (08) 8368 8888

Listen to an interview with Nanette Anderson (Managing Director of Southern Gold).

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