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South Australian Gold Mining Portia Mine Re-opens

Gold Mining Resumes in South Australia

Gold prices may still not be what they were a couple of years ago, but for a South Australian-based mining company Havilah Resources, that’s not stopping them from re-opening their Portia gold mine. In partnership with Consolidated Mining and Civil (CMC),Havilah plans to restart open pit mining operations this month (May 2016)

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Despite previous challenges with its safety record which was blemished by a slip at the mine`s open pit wall, it’s full-steam ahead.

Havilah brought in geotechnical experts to re-assess the integrity of the open pit mine design, and gave mining the green light to resume mining at some 35 metres below surface.

South Australian Gold Mining Portia Mine Re-opens

Havilah Managing Director, Dr Chris Giles, also provided an update on the activities at the processing plant, saying the processing of high grade ore is progressing as planned and is being optimised to maximise throughput and plant availability.

He said it is expected that sufficient high quality gold concentrate will be available to smelt and do Havilah`s first gold pour this week.

“Our gold plant continues to treat stockpiled ore and is producing gold concentrate over a wide size range, which we aim to smelt this week. Our operating team have been working tirelessly on optimising plant performance and maximising throughput and plant availability.”

Good news for the many mine workers who have been worried at the threat of continual closure.

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