South Australian Mining Jobs - Uranium Mine Approval

SA Mining Jobs – Uranium Mine Approval

South Australia Uranium Mine Gets Green Light | iMINCOThe South Australian government has approved a new $110 million uranium mine with Tom Koutsantonis, South Australia`s Mineral Resources Minister announcing the good news.

The uranium mining project, which is being touted as the most significant find globally in over the past 25 years – is good news for people looking for mining jobs in SA.

Last year the project was granted a 10-year mining lease, with Koutsantonis stating the acceptance of the mine`s program for environment protection and rehabilitation was the final piece in the approval process.

“The SA government actively supports exploration for uranium”

The Four Mile uranium project can be found 550km north of Adelaide in the Frome Basin which is located approximately 8km from the Beverley uranium mine. It was given the approval to proceed back in 2009 by former Environment Minister and Australian rock legend, Peter Garrett. The South Australian Government has made it clear it actively supports exploration for uranium in its own backyard. The potential windfall to the SA government in terms of tax dollars and mining jobs security is a strong focus and sends out a strong message to other Australian states that South Australia is open for business.

The mine is a joint venture between *Quasar Resources Ltd and Alliance Craton Explorer Ltd. The initial resource at Four Mile is 3.9 million tonnes at 0.37% uranium oxide containing 15,000 tonnes (32 million lb) of uranium oxide.

In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange, Alliance Resources said the mine construction was subject to a few requirements being attended to including modification to Beverley`s existing environmental protection and rehabilitation plans to take into account the mining operations at Four Mile.

“The new mine will create SA mining jobs”

In approving the Four Mile uranium project, Koutsantonis said he was confident that the mining of uranium could continue in the South Australia without fear of incident. He was also quoted as saying, Heathgate has run a first-class operation at Beverley and he is confident those practices will continue at Four Mile.

The new mine will create SA mining jobs in both the immediate and long term, as well as contribute to the ongoing employment of **Heathgate Resource`s 200 strong workforce.

Demand for uranium has been forcast to outstrip supply by more than 11,000 tonnes in 2013. iMINCO believes this will create new South Australian mining jobs and once again kick-start significant investment in the Australian mining sector. BHP also had big plans for their $20 billion Olympic Dam project in South Australia until it was shelved owing to a slow down in the market.

However, people looking for jobs in mining in South Australia should take a careful note of this project and start to monitor the progress of the mine because there will be job opportunities.

They said they have streamlined project approval processes, improved transparency, and boosted industry and community confidence in regulatory processes.

*Quasar Resources
Quasar Resources Pty Ltd (Quasar) is an exploration company based in Adelaide, South Australia. Quasar`s affiliated company, Heathgate Resources is the owner and operator of the Beverley Uranium Mine in the Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

**Heathgate Resources
Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd has been around since 1990 and is the owner and operator of the Beverley and Beverley North Uranium Mines which are located some 550km north of Adelaide.

Job Enquiries:

Human Resources Department
Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd
Suite 1, Level 4, 25 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Reference: South Australia Uranium Mine Gets Green Light

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