Skills Shortage - Resource Sector Jobs Opportunities

Skills Shortage – Job Opportunities

Skills Shortage Australia Resource Sector - iMINCOThe current skills shortage in the resource sector is still affecting the development of major projects in Australia. Mining recruitment companies like Stellar Recruitment recently said there are indications that Australia will continue to see a strong demand for qualified people in the resources sector.

A recent survey shows Australia still has a skills shortage in the resources industry.

Stellar’s recent resources industry survey reveals that along with a skills shortage, that wages for jobs in the mines have remained steady or have slightly increased over the past year, across the Queensland Coal Seam Gas and mining industry.

The figures have been collated based on answers to the Stellar Recruitment database of candidates and clients and found there is absolutely a skills shortage with a particular focus on engineers, geologists and electrical tradies.

Overall, Stellar`s outlook is bullish for the coming year ahead.

When studying the findings in detail Stellar revealed that upper management positions remained the highest paid jobs in the resources sector in central Queensland .

Salaries of Jobs in The Mines and Resource Sector

  • General Manager of a mine:† $300,000 and $380,000 per annum (pa), (the same as the height of the “mining boom”Ě in 2011)
  • Mine Project Manager : earn between $220, 000 and $320,000 pa (again no change since 2011)
  • Health, safety, environment and training jobs in the mines: Earn between $90,000 and $230,000pa – depending on how far up the ladder they sit. (A slight fall from $250,000 in 2011)
  • Engineers in the mines: Between $120,000 to $175,000pa (again the same amount they were in 2011)
  • A diesel fitter in an above ground mine: Between $125,000 and $135,000 pa (which is† higher than in 2011)
  • Boilermakers in the mines: can expect between $120,000 and $130,000pa (up $10,000 on 2011)
  • Plant operators in open cut mines: from $115,000 to† $140,000pa, ( the same as 2011).

Andy Marsland, Stellar`s division manager for energy, oil and gas, says this year will see a peak in construction in the Coal Seam Gas (SCG) sector, which is going to drive demand for skills in that area. Following this there will be an increased demand for ongoing operations skills.

What courses can you do to get into a management job in the resource industry?

There are many pathways to a management role in the industry. For a few people, this can be achieved through years of work and ‘learning the ropes’ as they progress through their career. In today’s competitive jobs market, there is a real focus on qualifications, experience and above all, an absolute requirement for management personnel to be highly skilled in developing the human potential of their employees – whist all the while educating their teams on safety awareness and how to manage risk in the workplace.

The types of jobs in the mines in resource sector that will be in demand in the future will involve team building and management.

If you are the type of person who enjoys working with and developing teams, then you’ve got a pretty good future ahead.

For people looking to further their mining career or for people looking to take advantage of the current skills shortage, here is a list of courses you can do to increase your employment opportunities in the resource sector.

Reference: Stellar Survey Reveals a Current Skills Shortage

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