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Shotfirer in the Mines

A Shotfirer in the minerals industry assembles, positions and detonates explosives at mining sites to dislodge rock or soil.

Shotfirers in the minerals industry may perform the following tasks:

  • Inspect blasting areas and ensures observance of safety regulations.
  • Cut channels under working faces.
  • Check bore-hole depths and clean holes.
  • Place explosives into position.
  • Assemble primers using detonators and explosive cartridges, and attaches wires, fuses or detonating cords.
  • Tests electrical circuits and repairs malfunctions.
  • Ensures all explosives are detonated and declares areas safe.

A Shotfirer would suit someone who:

  • Enjoys practical and manual activities.
  • Is willing to adhere to strict safety requirements.
  • Is physically fit.
  • Can pass a medical examination.
  • Is able to work in confined spaces, including underground.
  • Has basic skills in mathematics and science.
  • Can pass a police check.


Shotfirer: $70,000 “ $115,000?Drill and Blast Engineer: $80,000 “ $115,000


The entry requirement for a Shotfirer is an AQF Certificate II or higher qualification or at least 1 years relevant experience


  1. Josh Dawson December 12, 2011 Reply

    Looking for shotfirers job in west Australia region, well mannered and willing to adhere to any company regulation, ex military background

  2. Aaron Hayes September 20, 2010 Reply

    expat just returned from SE asia, working as operations manager for a landmine and bomb disposal company, please can you point me in the right direction to get my shot firers course.
    36yrs old almost married ex army background.

  3. Rafael Q. Gonzales August 3, 2010 Reply

    Hi I would like to make an inquiry for a possible job as a shotfirer in austarlia. currently I am working here in Qatar in the quarries. I would like to know if there are any vacancies.


  4. Hendrik Stassen June 23, 2010 Reply

    I am a under grond miner in south africa with a wide experience. I want some more info about your u/g conditions and job openings.

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