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Safety Training on the Increase

Increasing the inspectors will increase safety jobs

The WA Mines Minister Norman Moore says he expects the number of mine safety inspectors to double next year.

Today Mr Moore announced the appointment of 21 new safety inspectors whose jobs will be to ensure mining companies comply with the relevant regulations.

The inspectors will also work with companies to improve the safety culture on mine sites. There will need to be an increase of safety officers employed by the mine sites to ensure everything is in order for the mining inspectors.

Mr Moore says a ‘cost recovered system’ – which means mining companies pay for the inspectors – enables the government to employ even more safety personnel.

“We’re advertising for additional staff next year I’m not quite sure how many there will be in that but, the intention is to about double the number on inspectors we have in the system.”

A need for quality safety officers

Garry Woods from the Mining and Energy union has welcomed the appointment of the new inspectors.

He hopes they have suitable qualifications.

“Hopefully these people have got the necessary skills and they’re not just engineers,” he said.

“We hope they’ve got good safety backgrounds particularly in the auditing process as we move forward to more of a risk management approach to safety in the industry.”

Mr Moore says the death of six workers on mine sites last year – significantly higher than previous years – highlighted the need for safety reform on WA mine sites.

New recruits given a go

Mr Moore says the new recruits will help drive significant changes to resource safety regulations.

They have a two-fold job. One to make sure mining companies are doing the right thing, but at the same time also to work with them to improve the culture if you like of safety of mine sites and to have a cooperative approach between the government and the companies.”

To work on mine sites in Australia you will need a Generic Induction. To work as a safety officer in the mines you will need to undertake a Certificate IV in OH & S. Please call us on to talk about this course and how it can help you gain employment