Mining Induction Refresher Course - iMINCO Mining Information

Mining Induction Refresher - iMINCO

Do you have an expired Standard 11 Mining Induction qualification?

This Standard 11 refresher course provides you with the skills and knowledge to continue working on a surface coal mine site in Queensland. The course refreshes your knowledge in the 6 key competencies of common safety practices of Coal Mines.

To qualify for the Standard 11 (S11) Generic Induction Refresher course, you need to supply evidence of prior qualifications along with a record of your more recent experience in the mines. These include being able to provide the following key documents/information:

  • Previous Statement of Attainment for the Standard 11 Generic Induction
  • A record of experience (we will supply you with the form to fill out)
  • Your current resume

The refresher contains 6 nationally accredited units of competency (which are recognised by the Queensland Department of Mines as the core S11 modules):

Statements of Attainment

Completion of the written assessment & workplace assessment will provide you with statements of attainment for these units of competency:

  • RIIGOV201D – Comply with site work processes/procedures
  • RIIRIS201D – Conduct local risk control
  • RIICOM201D – Communicate in the workplace
  • RIIERR302D – Respond to local emergencies and incidents
  • RIIOHS201D – Work safely & follow OHS policies & procedures
  • RIIERR205D – Apply initial response first aid.

The Mining Induction refresher will validate your Mining Induction card for a further 5 years.

After completing the Refresher, you’ll receive a credit card sized ‘Competency ID Card’ as well as the latest Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment in both electronic and hard copy format.