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Roy Hill mining jobs WA for 2017

Roy Hill Workforce to increase by 40 percent

The Roy Hill mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara region has announced plans to employ up to 600 workers over the next 18 months as it increases its operation to reach full capacity of 55 million tonnes.

With 1300 staff currently working across the WA-based mine, port, rail and airport operations, the Chief Executive of the mine, Barry Fitzgerald, it had a need to increase its workforce by up to 40 percent.

“As we ramp up production to 55 million tonnes a year, we will move further into the ore body and the strip ratio will increase and we will need to move more tonnes”¯ Fitzgerald said.

This increase in workforce comes off the back of the announcement of Roy Hill’s interactive learning centre (Dubbed the ROC-ED), which will become the centre of the company’s career development for new mine workers.

“The decision to open the ROC-ED Learning Centre enables students to learn more about Roy Hill`s operations in the context of their broader learning in school,”¯ Fitzgerald said.

“They will also explore what it takes to build a career in mining and the importance of the mining industry to the national economy.”¯

Roy Hill key facts

  • The Roy Hill Mine has an initial mine life of 17 years, with a likely extension beyond that of 12 years
  • The mine loaded its first shipment of ore on 10 December 2015 and has since loaded multiple shipments to its key markets in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan
  • Conventional open pit, bulk mining operation from multiple production benches
  • 55Mtpa wet processing plant
  • 344 kilometre single line, heavy haul railway
  • Purpose built, dedicated two berth iron ore port facility at Port Hedland, capable of receiving, stockpiling, screening and exporting 55Mtpa (wet) of direct shipped iron ore as lump and fines

Roy Hill mining jobs

Hancock Prospecting’s Roy Hill mine will provide phenomenal mining job prospects which can most definitely change your life, double your income and give you the opportunity to embark on an exciting and financially rewarding career. 

Roy Hill prides itself on providing an environment that supports its employees and gives them an opportunity to thrive, rather than just survive. Visit their careers site to find out more about their mine and current job opportunities here.

What You Need for Roy Hill Mining Jobs

The Roy Hill mine is expected to increase its workforce by up to 40 precent, so there will be experienced and inexperienced people applying en-mass. Obtaining the essential skills and qualifications are the key to Roy Hill mining jobs success.

Here’s a checklist.

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