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Roy Hill Mine – Bookfield Multiplex construction begins

iMINCO Roy Hill Mine - Bookfield Multiplex construction beginsRoy Hill iron ore mine – it’s something the mining industry has been hearing about for a long time.

Despite lengthy approvals, financing fiasco’s and media scrutiny of Gina Rinehart’s ability to get the project off the ground – things are looking up.

After completing works on the mammoth 2000 person, $200 million accommodation village at the remote Roy Hill iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, Brookfield Multiplex has commenced construction of the mine’s non-processing infrastructure.

This new phase of construction will see the Roy Hill mine start to come out of the ground as essential mine buildings take shape. The project is ambitious in terms of the size of the mine and remote location – challenging the mine owners and engineers every step of the way.

“$73 million contract”

According to Brookfield this new $73 million contract means they will be focusing on the design and construction of a heavy and light vehicle workshop, a boilermaker workshop, wash-down facilities, tyre changing areas, and a mechanical lubrication workshop.

Apart from the technical and machinery management facilities, the totally self-sufficient Roy Hill mine will require a swathe of new buildings to be built includingtennis courts and a gymnasium. In order to house the large administration team, new buildings will include purpose-built training rooms, medical facilities and additional storage areas.

“tennis courts and a gymnasium to be built”

On a more technical side, the mine requires a power wash and waste water treatment and distribution facility be built – all by Brookfield Multiplex

Brookfield’s subsidiary Engineering and Infrastructure (E+I) will undertake the work in three stages. It’s estimated that the entire range of buildings and facilities will be finished by early 2015.

“142 pieces of equipment vehicles, and house around 250 staff”

The Non-Processing Infrastructure project, located ten kilometres from the mine’s process plant, will be able to service a fleet of up to 142 pieces of equipment vehicles, and house around 250 staff.

At about 100km from the nearest town, the Roy Hill NPI is a critical component of the project. Owing to the mine’s remote location, it’s essential that there is a well-oiled maintenance division in place to service the many vehicles and mining machinery.

With a workbook now exceeding $400 million, the Roy Hill accommodation precinct will build on Brookfield Multiplex’s growing portfolio of engineering and infrastructure projects in Western Australia.

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