Rio Tinto Mining Jobs

Rio Tinto Mining Jobs

Rio Tinto jobs
Here at iMINCO we’re often asked the same question time and time again…”How can I get into mining?”

With so much competition for mining jobs, you have to think on your feet and start to think of new ways to find jobs in the mines. The jobs won’t come to you, you have to do some digging.

Many people looking for Rio Tinto mining jobs just rely on Seek, or CareerOne job alerts and hope that one day, the perfect job for them will simply pop into their mailbox. You may be in for a long wait; unless that is, you start to get creative in how you go about researching where the jobs are now and also – where they ‘will be’ in the near future.

So here’s a little know job search tip…

Last week Rio Tinto held their investor seminar in Sydney; and as part of the presentation there is always an accompanying slideshow or other type of document to communicate the information.

Because Rio Tinto is listed on the ASX, they have a duty of disclosure to present their full business activity. What this means for people looking for Rio Tinto mining jobs is, if you look carefully you can read between the lines and see exactly where the current mining activity is and also where the future mining projects will be.

This information will help you in a number of different ways.

  • You’ll start to build your knowledge of Rio Tinto operations
  • You’ll learn exactly what type of mining is being carried out (underground or open-cut for instance)
  • You’ll know what minerals are being mined
  • You’ll get insights into the culture of the organisation
  • You’ll start to be familiar with the mining terminology
  • You’ll see exactly which direction their investment is heading
  • When you know which direction the company is heading, you can start to prepare yourself by doing the relevant mining and safety courses to up-skill yourself

Download the Rio Tinto Sydney Investor Seminar document. (PDF)

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Rio Tinto Jobs


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