Rio Tinto Jobs

Rio Tinto Jobs

Rio Tinto mining jobs. Mining jobs in Australia for Rio Tinto. Picture of a mine site in Australia.

Hundreds of mining jobs are available now, with thousands more in the pipeline.

Rio Tinto has operations – and opportunities – around Australia. They mine iron ore and diamonds in WA, coal, bauxite in Queensland`s Bowen Basin and NSW`s Hunter Valley, alumina, aluminium, uranium, copper, gold, and salt from more than 30 mine sites around the country including the Northern Territory. They also have offices in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

As a leading global mining and metals company, they offer a vast array of mining job opportunities from entry level clean skin mining jobs to mine management and long term career paths.

With close to $22 billion-worth of projects under construction or approved to start across Australia, Rio Tinto is looking for experienced mine engineers, mine site plant operators, geologists, planners, trades people and resource project professionals to help drive expansion.

They use mine-ready training, best practice and technology to maintain and improve their employees’ safety and wellbeing, believing that injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable on mine sites.

People seeking Rio Tinto mining jobs can start looking here:

Browse Rio Tinto mining jobs

On this page you can click on “Featured jobs”Ě or “Browse all Jobs”Ě which is divided into different areas of mining: Operations/Metallurgy/Mining; Trades; Administrative Functions; Port/Road/Rail; Health, Safety and Environment and Sustainable Development. Clicking on these panels will open a list of current jobs in areas such as: Entry Level Clean Skin Mining Jobs, Project Operations and Construction; Mine Operation; Mine Planning; Operator; Exploration Support and Processing.

Register Your Interest

You can register your interest for a Rio Tinto mining job on the top of this website page by selecting the type of mining† job you are interested in and you will receive job alerts that match your preferences.

Contractors to Rio Tinto:

Diverse infrastructure jobs can also be had by contacting the preferred contractors to Rio Tinto:

Downer ED (Pilbara)I: Rio Tinto mining contractor Downer Ed

Decmil (Pilbara): Rio Tinto mining contractor Decimil

NRW (Pilbara): Mining careers and jobs at NRW

Indigenous Opportunities:

Rio Tinto iron ore, mining jobs for indigenous Australians

Rio Tinto employs more than 20,000 people across Australia and is the largest private-sector employer of Indigenous Australians, comprising close to 10 per cent of its workforce.

Rio Tinto Coal Australia’s Kestrel Mine currently has Indigenous opportunities and will give you genuine opportunities to contribute your knowledge and realise your potential, while working with a team that is committed to your training and development.

Mining job opportunities at Rio Tinto Kestrel Coal Mine for indigenous Australians

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