Rio Tinto expands operation in the Pilbara. Mine jobs for 2013

Rio Tinto expands operation in the Pilbara

More Rio Tinto mining jobs.
Rio Tinto has plotted strategies that will boost annual production of iron ore in the Pilbara by 58 million tonnes over the next year. Along with expanding existing mines, the plan includes digging new ones.

The company made grounds to reach its goal March 1st as the government gave its stamp on approvals to build a new rail haul line needed to shift the ore, along with a 220-kilovolt electricity transmission line. The project is estimated to be worth more than $400 million and will generate up to 600 mine jobs.

1500 new Rio Tinto mining jobs by 2013

The approval paves the way to connect the Hope Downs 4 iron ore mine to Hope Downs 1 mine. The rail and power line undertaking is a joint venture of Rio Tinto and privately-held Hancock Prospecting.

The new (HD 4) mine will create about 1500 new mining jobs and Rio Tinto expects first production to commence in the second quarter of 2013.


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Rio Tinto expands operation in the Pilbara


  1. Dickson Wesley May 23, 2012 Reply

    I am Dickson Wesley from Papua New Guinea,with twenty two (22)years of mining work expriences,would like to apply for permanet employe as Heavy Equipments Operator,currently I am with (OTML)mining in (PNG).needs expriences and a skilled worker like me.

    Thanks alot for your time and you have top working hours there.

    Dickson Wesley

    • pete May 23, 2012

      Thanks Dickson. We have passed your details on
      Thanks Pete iMINCO

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