Rio Tinto awards NRW $140m mining contract

Rio Tinto awards NRW $140m mining contract

Huge iron ore haulage contract for Rio’s Nammuldi mine

Good news for WA mining

There’s no more billion dollar contracts being handed out at this time in the Australian mining industry. I don’t have to tell you that we’re all feeling the effects of some of the compounding global factors contributing to the slowing of the resource sector in Australia.

However..there is one thing to consider.. and this is important.

Now you may be thinking the industry is about to close its doors – but it’s not the case for every Australian mining company, there are mining contracts happening all the time – only small scale.

Sure… some mining companies in Australia have been forced to take drastic measures to stop them from going under completely – but it’s not all bad news.

Take this piece of good news…for instance

Huge $140m mining contract

NRW has been awarded a huge $140m contract by Rio Tinto to handle its mining and ore transportation at their Western Australian Nammuldi mine. A couple of years back, Rio invested over $3 billion in this mine, creating over a thousand construction jobs in the process.

Rio went down the pathway of using driverless trucks as part of its program to deploy the Autonomous Haulage Systems (AHS). Rio Tinto said it intends to make its Nammuldi Mine the world’s largest user of the AHS driver-less trucks, a move that will help build the company’s growth across the WA iron ore sector.

Rio has ordered 150 autonomous haulage trucks from Japanese truck manufacturer Komatsu to be delivered over the next few years. The huge dump trucks will be added to the fleet across various other Rio mines in the Pilbara.

Continuing on the grown curve, NRW will take over the mining production operations and the operation of two 5Mtpa iron ore crushing plants on site.

The contract will begin next month in August and at this stage, is expected to run for about two years. Some 135 workers are expected to be employed as a result of this new contract.

NRW has just completed a contract at the Nammuldi BWT works in July, prompting NRW CEO Jules Pemberton to say he was thrilled with NRW’s long associated with Rio Tinto and looks forward to it continuing well into the future.

About the Nammuldi mine

  • A 30 megawatt power station at was built to service the mine and the port to raise throughput from 85 million tonnes to 235 million tonnes
  • Iron ore from theNammuldi mine is shipped from Cape Lambert port
  • 60 kilometres from Tom Price
  • FIFO roster
  • Has on-site processing facilities
  • Utilises fully-automated Komatsu haul trucks
  • NRW Holdings is the major contractor (see their website for jobs)
  • There is a railway connection along with a train loading facility
  • Future production of 23 million tonnes of iron ore a year

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