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Rio Tinto and BHP Jobs

rio tinto and bhp jobsChina is on the move again!!! Economic reforms pledged this month will underpin a greater demand for Australia`s raw materials (iron ore and coal) in the long-term, according to statements from the Chairman of both BHP and Rio Tinto, signalling more mining jobs for Australia.

China is moving from an export-focused economy to one that is consumption based, so they need the raw materials we have.

“China and other emerging economies will be the major drivers of global economic growth in the long term, which could deliver up to a 75 per cent increase in demand for some commodities over the next 15 years.”, said AGM, BHP Billiton`s chairman, Jac Nasser,

“It is expected that another 250 million people will move from the countryside to the Chinese cities over the next 15 years,” he said.

BHP is focused primarily on iron ore, coal,copper and recently potash,but had the flexibility to adapt quickly should gas overtake iron ore as a bigger part of their business in the future.

Addressing a business lunch a day later, Rio Tinto`s chairman, Jan du Plessis, said:

“My long-term view of the Chinese economy remains positive and we expect to see continued robust demand for commodities.”

He said China`s reform plan “contained many positive signals” and “the reform process in China will gain momentum”.

This is good news for Australian mining companies and mining jobs in the areas of iron ore, copper, gas and coal, as they will stand to benefit from China`s continued growth and constant demand in the long term.

Rio Tinto jobs

As important as coal is as a resource, it is far from the only natural product of the region`s mining industry. In fact, many mining jobs QLD centre around the excavation of bauxite. The first discovery of bauxite was in the 1950`s and within 10 years a full-blown mining operation had been developed.

Bauxite is most commonly found in the northern areas of Queensland. One of the biggest and more well-developed mining towns is Weipa, where several thousand people live and work together in the mines. Luckily, for mining companies like Rio Tinto the bauxite has been easy to access and the result is a profitable mining operation that creates solid mining employment for people living in the town.

An increasing amount of mining jobs QLD

The bottom line is – there is an ever present and increasingnumber of mining jobs Queensland.

Whether you’re looking for entry-level mining jobs or looking to relocate to QLD, or even if you’re prepared to work FIFO jobs, you’ll find a job in the mines in QLD that will suit your lifestyle and work abilities – and provided you have the proper training, the mining companies will always be keen to talk to you.

If you`re thinking “is mining for me?”, there’s is no better place to begin your search for a mining job than beautiful Queensland. It`s the heart of Australia`s most vibrant and thriving coal industry and it promises to be a solid contributor to the success of the industry`s future. Now is the perfect time to create your future and prepare for a new wave of mining jobs QLD.

Make sure you follow the mining jobs board on theRio Tintowebsite jobs formore details of their upcoming mining jobs.

BHP Billitonjobs

Productivity gains saw BHP`s Queensland coal operations reach an annualised production rate of 61 million tonnes.

The company said the result was underpinned by the continued ramp up of Daunia mine, record quarterly production at South Walker Creek and improved Coal Preparation Plant performance at Blackwater and Saraji.

BHP`s Petroleum and copper production targetshad also exceeded expectations.

If you’re looking for jobs in mining, then the best advice we can give you is to do your research on BHP and Rio Tinto jobs today.

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