Queensland Mining Jobs - New Surge Predicted

Queensland Mining Jobs – New Surge Predicted

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At the Australian Steel Convention recently, Queensland’s peak resources body the Queensland Resources Council, made a clear prediction.

A new surge in the Queensland coal sector was just around the corner, bringing with it a new wave of QLD mining jobs.

It was a big day for Michael Roche Chief Executive of the Queensland Resources Council and he started his speech by saying, “despite the current tough trading environment ‘irresistible forces’ were driving the next mining investment phase.”

‘Those irresistible forces are also known as the billions of people in the developing world who aspire to the living standards that we take for granted,’ said Mr Roche.

“Australia to secure a share of the next wave of mining and resource sector investment”

According to the Queensland Resources Council, the challenge ahead as a developed, resources-rich nation, is to get Australian mining back on track, which will enable mining companies to secure a share of the next wave of mining and resource sector investment dollars.

Massive investment forecast in the Queensland Coal Mining sector

It’s no secret the speed of mining investment has throttled back over the past six to eight months, however, there is still massive investment in the sector and people looking for mining jobs in Queensland and the rest of Australia should not be disheartened.

” we must view the Queensland mining industry with a ‘glass half full’ perspective “

There is still significant mining investment in the pipeline in Queensland, especially from India. Don’t under-estimate the importance the Indian Government attaches to ensuring its 1.2 billion people have access to electricity – it’s high on their ‘to do’ list.

Indian resource company GVK’s Alpha Coal Project in the Galilee Basin is still being primed,with fellow Indian company Adani Mining’s intending to kick off its Carmichael project in the Galilee Basin as soon as is it the right conditions to start the project present themselves.

These new Queensland coal mining projects could gather speed at any time, bringing more coal mining jobs to Queensland. The word on the street is ‘be prepared’.

Galilee Basin targeted for new wave of coal mining jobs

After the completion of the three massive LNG processing plants on Curtis Island, off the coast of Gladstone, the Galilee Basin coal mines, rail and port projects could be the next big ‘mining job magnet’ in Queensland.

Mr Roche went on to say that the Australian coal industry was doing the best it could to make the most of a challenging international trading environment. At the high commodity prices where good profits were commonplace, the new focus for the coal industry in Queensland is to streamline operations and increase profitability. Profitable coal mining companies are what’s needed in Queensland. Profits drive more investment, which in turn creates 1000’s of new mining jobs in Queensland and provides local jobs for the community and suppliers.

New coal projects in Queensland are coming on-line

‘Operational streamlining’ means mining companies have been targeting excessive expenditure and trimming costs where they can, as well as squeezing every drop of productivity out of the mining process. From extraction to shipping – nothing is neglected if is means extra savings in terms of outgoing cost reductions. This new approach has resulted in higher coal production and record coal exports – which is good news for Queensland’s economy.

At the heart of the Queensland Bowen Basin coking coal operations, new coal production projects are also coming on-line with Kestrel and the BMA Daunia Mine and two new coking coal operations with BMA`s Caval Ridge and Anglo American`s Grosvenor mine taking the spotlight.

“full-time mining employment remained steady over the 12 months to May 2013”

Quarterly data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that mining and resources sector full-time employment remained steady over the 12 months to May 2013.

Smart resource sector workers chase CGS jobs

Whilst it was conceded there have been reductions in the number of workers in Queensland coal mining operations due to many contributing factors – new mining and resource extraction technologies like coal-seam gas (CSG) had started to soak up some of the slack.

Smart resource sector workers who have a keen interest in working in the industry, have started to build new skills by completing training courses to gain new qualifications to help them transition their careers into new growth areas like coal-seam gas (CSG).

In the Coal Seam Gas sector, international mining and resources company Arrow Energy is looking to move ahead with Queensland`s fourth CSG to LNG project near Gladstone in 2014. This the perfect opportunity to for many people to make a move into CSG and prepare for a good career in the industry.

Global demand for coal indicates a positive future

Global consulting firm Wood-MacKenzie has been quoted as forecasting a global coal demand growth rate of 4.4 percent.

According to the federal government `s Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE), world demand for high quality thermal coal (Queensland has vast deposits of high grade thermal coal) imports is projected to increase by a huge 46 per cent, relative to 2010.

The outlook for thermal coal import demand from China and India looks positive and is a bi-product of home-grown coal production being of poor quality and an inability to keep up with the rapid growth in domestic coal consumption.
Locally sourced poor quality thermal coal has been a huge issue for Indian power generating companies of late. Leading Indian coal provider , Coal India, conceded local coal was not good enough to power the coal fired power generating plants that were originally designed for Australian thermal coal.
Read one of the iMINCO articles on “Australian Thermal Coal Highly Sought By India“.

Australian mining companies prepare to battle for investment dollars

Australia must now prepare for resource sector production phase and get the coal industry in the best possible shape to allow it to compete in a global market for the next round of mining investment.

International companies will be looking to Australia for alternate sources of fuel to satisfy their country’s energy needs. Australia must be ready to respond in a new leaner and more productive way.

This means a new commitment by everyone employed in the industry to get behind the wheel and help contribute to driving this country forward and create a positive future for all.

Strong underlying growth in demand for coal forecast

It’s no secret the current global market for thermal coal is oversupplied and other commodities, however, official forecasts show that strong underlying growth in demand will make a significant dent in the current oversupply.

This will pave the way for a new era in mining jobs in Queensland and will more than likely benefit other mining activity in other States. of Australia.

Who are the Queensland Resources Council?

The Queensland Resources Council is the peak representative body for the commercial developers of the state`s minerals and energy resources. They collectively represent he interests of explorers, miners, oil and gas producers, mineral processors, electricity generators and site contractors.
Collectively the Queensland Resources Council spent 28 billion dollars last financial year on purchases from Queensland companies “ up 8 billion dollars on the previous year.
They also paid 8 billion in wages to 64,300 direct workers “ in the process, adding 36 billion dollars to the state`s Gross Regional Product. It has been calculated that the additional economic activity across related transport, construction and services sector added another 73 billion.

Quick tips for getting a Queensland mining job

  • The first thing iMINCO recommends is for you to learn about the coal mining industry in Queensland. Research who the mining companies are, what projects are underway and if the mines are open-cut or underground. This will determine what types of mining training courses you can do. There is a full list of mining companies in the Mining Jobs Guide 2013 e-book. Get your copy now!
  • Learn about the Bowen Basin and Surat Basin – these are coal mining hotspots in Queensland.
  • Safety training. You must do a Mining Induction safety training course if you want to work on a mine site in Queensland. This is a 2 day (with pre-reading and assessment) mining induction (Standard 11) course and will cover a wide range of topics including;
    • occupational health and safety
    • emergency escape procedures
    • first aid
    • training and assessment
    • record keeping
    • hazard management
    • risk assessment
    • record keeping
    • reporting
    • competency standards compliance
    • site standard procedures
    • fire fighting theory
    • working around vehicles and machinery
    • communications
    • team operations
    • introduction to mining terminology
    • isolation; and
    • tagging and atmosphere testing.
  • The coal industry in Queensland requires you to be physically fit. You will be required to have a current Coal Board Medical certificate.
  • You may also have to complete a second pre-employment medical before being offered a job with a mining company.
  • Drug and alcohol testing is commonplace in a mining environment. Mining companies can`t have workers operating heavy machinery if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, therefore, testing is a regular occurrance.
  • Make sure your drivers licence is valid, although it may not be essential for some roles as workers can be bused to and from the mine site.
  • You must have authority to work in Australia and have a valid visa if you are going to work in the industry.
  • Set up your own personal mining job alerts on SEEK, CareerOne, Indeed, iMINCO and the Australian government mining jobs boards.
  • Go out and buy mining newspapers and magazines to increase your mining knowledge. Publications such as the Mining Chronicle, Australian Mining Review, Resource Stocks and Australian Mining magazine are full of the latest mining and resource sector news. Theses publications are a good place to find job leads, giving you a head-start over people who may be competing for the same mining job.
  • Search for mining jobs and careers using Google. Use the most common keywords like “queensland mining jobs”, “coal mining jobs qld”.
  • Update your resume and make your cover letter mining focused and targeted at the company who is advertising the job. A professionally, well written, mining focused resume, with targeted keywords and qualification highlights that pass resume-scanning software is a good investment, especially when you can land a $100,000+ mining job.

Keep up-to-date with mining news in Australia and register to get the free Mining Project News This is an email newsletter, full of mining news and information for job-seekers.

Have you downloaded your copy of the Mining Jobs Guide 2013?

This is also a free resource iMINCO created with leading mining and resource training company Industry Pathways. This workbook is full of mining information for people looking for a mining job with no experience or are looking to transfer to a mining career. Download your copy here.

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