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Queensland mining jobs in Mackay

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Mackay – the best place to look for Queensland mining jobs

Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition is the flagship event for Queensland mining and industry, attracting thousands of visitors each year. This is the perfect event if you’re thinking a job in the mines is something you’d really like to do.

With a steady increase in demand for skilled workers in the mining and energy sector, the industry outlook is looking great. There has also been a a rise in advertised full-time jobs which reflects the notion that employers are on the lookout for top talent and are ready to lock them into a permanent role  especially if the job is one of those where the skills are in high demand.

One of the biggest areas of growth for Queensland mining jobs is in Mackay. Sitting on the doorstep of some of Australia’s biggest and most productive coal mines, Mackay offers some good opportunities if you’re looking for mining jobs.

Mackay currently has over 1,300 jobs up for grabs in the Mackay region. The jobs aren’t just in mining, but vary across a wide range of sectors. The Mackay region is now on the hunt for qualified tradespeople in the mining and construction sector. Administration officers, engineers and even retail jobs, positions in education and government are also on offer.

Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition has been working alongside their exhibitors to help showcase the vast amount of jobs that are sitting waiting to be filled.

Go to the QME website for more information on Queensland mining jobs

A list of courses you can do to make you more employable in the mining and resource industry in Mackay.


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