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Queensland Mining Jobs for locals

iMINCO Queensland Mining Jobs for localsA new coal mine has been given the green light by Queensland’s State government – despite the local council unaware of the approval.

The coal mining project will create much needed Queensland mining jobs close to Ipswich, but the local Mayor is fuming.

Coal mining in Queensland has sustained local communities for over a century or more and has always been a big part of Ipswich life. However the local council is fuming because they had no idea the coal mine was approved.

It seems incredible that the local council were unaware of the new approval for the coal mine when we all live in a time called – “the information age”. This in itself compounds the issues faced with communications channels between local and state government.

Let’s all be thankful it was a coal mine that was being approved and not a nuclear power station, or we’d be in real strife!

“new open-cut coal mine for Queensland”

The Ipswich council is opposed to the open-cut coal mine at New Chum, saying it should have been consulted first as it impacts the local community and habit of the region. However, it also impacts on mining jobs, of which many will be created

At the council’s meeting last week, Cr Attwood said it was time the council had a louder voice about mining activity in their own back yard.

“I only found out this week the mine at New Chum has been approved,” Cr Attwood said.

“consultation and discussions with the council were vital”

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection said it issued Oxley Plant Sales – the owner of the mine site – with a draft Environmental Authority on January 17 and objections to the mine development close on February 21.

Mayor Paul Pisasale said community consultation and discussions with the council were vital.

Rural councillor David Pahlke reaffirmed his often-stated opinion that coal mining should be a thing of the past in residential areas.

Naturally, local residents of Ipswich say they are concerned about dust and an increase of trucks on the road due to mining operations.

“minimal impact on the community”

However the mining company,Oxley Plant Sales is adamant the coal mine will have minimal impact on the community.

According to documents submitted by the miner, the nearest residential area is on the opposite side of the Cunningham Hwy and therefore is unlikely to be affected by the mining project.

Mining close to communities

Should mining be allowed to be developed close to communities? Take a look at Mt.Isa mine and Kalgoorlie’s ‘Superpit’ as an example.

Both of these mines sit on the lip of each of the town’s outskirts and despite whether you agree with mining close to residential areas or not, mining jobs are created and that could be a positive result for Ipswich residents looking for a mining job opportunity.

iMINCO will be following this story closely and bringing you updates as the mine develops.

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