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Galilee Basin Rail Line – Queensland Mining Jobs

aurizon-gvk-galilee-basin-mine-imincoQueensland’s Galilee Basin thermal coal project took a positive step forward this week with coal mine developer GVK Hancock and rail freight company Aurizon forming a new agreement.

In this new agreement GVK Hancock and Aurizon said they would use existing rail networks and build an additional 298km of rail instead of the proposed 496km.

Scaling back the original plans to develop a totally new open-link rail line were welcomed by both parties.

The trains running on the narrow-gauge rail line have the capacity to haul 25,000 tons of coal and dovetail directly into Aurizon’s current rail network in Queensland.Other coal projects in the Galilee Basin and parts of the Bowen Basin could take advantage of the rail network to transport coal to export terminals.

When the thermal coal mine is eventually developed, the rail network will transport thermal coal from Queensland’s Alpha Galilee Basin project to the coal export terminal of Abbot Point. Adani, another Indian energy company invested heavily in the Abbot Point coal terminal as it too prepares to develop mines in the Galilee Basin.

approved rail networks could create 1300 jobs during the build stage

GVK Hancock and Aurizon have been working together for some time to provide a rail solution for the $5.5 billion megalithic mining project in Queensland’s coal hotspot.The development of port and rail infrastructure using government approved rail networks could create 1300 jobs during the build stage and possibly 300 long-term mining jobs when the project becomes online.

Many thousands of Queensland mining jobs are set to be created in construction and mining when the Galilee Basin project finally kicks off. GVK’s Alpha Galilee Basin coal project has already been sanctioned by the Australian federal and Queensland state governments.

32 million tons of coal per year, with an estimated 30 year mine life

Coal output from the open-cut operation is expected to be around 32 million tons of coal per year, with an estimated 30 year mine life.

A mine of this magnitude, will prepare the way for thousands of new mining jobs in Queensland to be created and provide the local communities and businesses providing mining services to prosper from the mining activity.GVK paid Australia’s Hancock Group $1.26 billion for the Alpha deposit in September 2011.

In March 2013, GVK Hancock and Aurizon formed an agreement which allowed Aurizon to acquire 51 percent of Hancock’s Coal Infrastructure, which is the owner of GVK Hancock’s Galilee-based rail and port projects.

GVK’s Kevin’s Corner coal mining project, also in the Galilee Basin, got environmental approval from the Queensland government, once again solidifying the opportunities for more Queensland mining jobs. With an estimated resource holding of some8 billion tons of coal, GVK Hancock’s Kevin’s Corner and Alpha mines are shaping up to be a big win for the Queensland government and people looking for careers in mining.

NEWS UPDATE: 4 Dec 2013
In news just in, the Queensland government has raised $350m to pay down debt by selling off its stake in Aurizon Holdings (AZJ).

The Newman government said today it had taken advantage of good market conditions and sold 74.3 million shares in Aurizon at $4.71 per share, 4 cents above their price at the close of trading yesterday.

This effectively creates the opportunity for Aurizon to be one of Australia’s largest privately owned rail freight company, further cementing it as a leader and power-player in the race to develop access to the likes of the Galilee Basin and other mining hotspots like the Bowen Basin.

Other news on GVK Hancock, Aurizon and Queensland mining jobs opportunities in the Galilee Basin

Checklist for getting into a mining job in Queensland

  • Learn about the mining industry in the Galilee Basin in Queensland. Research GVK and Hancock Coal.
  • Get the right training under your belt and do a Mining Induction (Standard 11). This is a Queensland government initiative. This course was also know as ‘Generic Induction’
  • There are many additional mining courses you can do to up-skill in preparation for mining jobs in the Galilee Basin.
  • The Queensland coal industry in mandates you pass a medical examination and be fit for work. You may need a current Coal Board Medical certificate. before applying for mining jobs – it’s always a good idea to be totally prepared.
  • You may also be asked to take a second pre-employment medical before being offered a job by a mining company like GVK or Hancock Coal.
  • You may also be required to undergo a chest x-ray at a cost of around $100.
  • Expect to take a drug and alcohol test prior to starting work, as well as regular on-site testing.
  • If you are not an Australian citizen or resident, you must have authority to work in Australia. See 457 Visas and eligibility to work in a mining job.
  • Set up job alerts on SEEK, CareerOne, Indeed and other mining jobs boards.
  • Search for mining jobs Queensland on Google. An example of this would be to use the most common keywords like “GVK mining jobs queensland”, “coal mining jobs hancock coal”, “galilee basin jobs”; and
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter to be mining focused. A professionally, well written, mining focused resume, with targeted keywords and qualification highlights clearly visible.

Mining courses for Galilee Basin mining jobs

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