200 Queensland mining jobs created at Baralaba coal mine.

Queensland mining jobs created – Cockatoo Coal Baralaba expansion – 200 jobs

200 Queensland coal mining jobs created . . . Cockatoo Coal’s Baralaba mine expansion

Queensland mining jobs were given a boost last week as junior miner Cockatoo Coal announce the expansion of their Baralaba mine.

The Cockatoo Coal $313 million expansion, which covers the construction of a rail load-out terminal, was approved by the Qld coordinator general.

The expansion has been welcomed by the mining company and will provide mining employment for the region.

About Cockatoo Coal

Cockatoo Coal Limited is an Australian metallurgical and thermal coal miner and producer. The company is developing several coal mining projects in four regions on the east coast of Australia. The mining operations are to take advantage of the expected rise in global demand for coal .

They are a public listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). View the latest information on Cockatoo Coal on the ASX. (this is a good resource for people looking for mining employment opportunities).

About the Baralaba Coal project

The Cockatoo Coal, Baralaba coal mine forms part of a joint venture project between Cockatoo Coal (62.5 percent) and JFE Shoji Trade Corporation (37.5 percent). The mine is expected to produce around 500 000 tonnes a year of Pulverised Coal Injection (PCI) and thermal coal products which will exported internationally. In terms of the mix of coal, it’s estimated that PCI (Pulverized Coal Injection) coal will account for 70 percent of mining operations and thermal coal around 30 percent.

The Baralaba coal project, which is an open-cut, haul truck and shovel mining operation, is in the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland. Coal is currently transported by road trains to a rail load out facility east of Moura with coal being exported through the Port of Gladstone. The mine is located about 150 kilometres west of Rockhampton and 210kilometres west of Port of Gladstone; and 3 kilometres north of the town of Baralaba.

Get the latest Cockatoo Coal report on the Baralaba Coal Mine expansion project (PDF)

Jobs at Cockatoo Coal

Cockatoo Coal have their own jobs board which you can find on their main website here: Queensland mining careers with Cockatoo Coal. With the expansion of the Baralaba project, there is opportunity for employment for skilled and qualified people to start to make contact with the company.

Remembering that Cockatoo Coal are accepting job applications and not the Baralaba mine itself. Cockatoo Coal have a policy of employing mine-ready workers who have the right mining safety qualifications from the local region, so this is a good opportunity for people living in the region to get their Expression of Interest started.

Go to the Cockatoo website and register an interest to work for the company. Remembering that one of the most important aspects of applying for a mining job is to gather as much information about the company and its mining operations as you can. Successful mining careers have been founded on being able to confidently discuss a company’s operations in detail.

Possessing this level of knowledge communicates to an employer you understand their mining issues and can see where they are headed in the future – and what you can contribute to towards the success of the company.

Get help with resumes and interviews

When applying for jobs, the resume is the first point of contact with a prospective employer; so it needs to be highly targeted to the company and the job being advertised. At iMINCO we see hundreds of resumes every month; and even though iMINCO is not an employer, one of the services it offers is a resume writing option through one of our partners.

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