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Queensland Mine Jobs Outlook – Adani Mining

iMINCO Queensland Mine Jobs Outlook - Adani MiningMining in Queensland has been sustained by the vast amounts of natural coal reserves found in the State.

More recently, attention and speculation of the next surge in Queensland mine jobs relies on the development of the Galilee Basin.

Indian energy companies invest heavily in Queensland

Indian energy companies, over the past few years have been making a play for Queensland coal resources as well as investing heavily in infrastructure, such as the Abbot Point coal terminal acquisition by Adani and the Carmichael Coal Mine.

“new proposed mines will bring thousands of mining jobs to the region”

Queenslanders are keeping a close eye on the coal mining developments in the Galilee Basin as the newly-proposed mines will bring thousands of mining jobs to the region.

Over the past 12 months, Queensland mining jobs have suffered as the global demand for coal weakened and the price of coal went through a self-adjustment phase.

“mining projects will prove beneficial to India”

Adani Group has major coal ventures in Australia including mine, rail and port expansions projects which will prove beneficial to India once the Queensland coal mining area is opened up.

Adani Group get Galilee Basin projects moving

There is now a greater emphasis for Adani Group to get things moving in the Galilee Basin.

This was the collective voice of high level Adani managers as greater pressure is placed on the existing coal supplies in India.

“India suffers from low quality internal coal supplies”

India suffers from low quality internal coal supplies which has caused major issues with power generating utility companies who wrestle with low-quality fuel.

Without a steady supply of quality and efficient coal, Adani Group, as with other Indian power and utility companies are put under the spotlight by their government and regulatory authorities.

Coal mining projects & Queensland mine jobs

An Adani Group spokesman said the coal mining projects that are in the planning stage such as the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project and port expansions and operations would prove beneficial to India and it’s people.

“200 million tonnes will be required by India by 2017”

With around 150 million tonnes of coal being imported into India last year estimates in the region of 200 million tonnes will be required by India by 2017. It’s envisaged that the Carmichael Mine project would deliver 60 million tonnes of coal to India per year.

Adani Group collaborate well with Queensland State government

The Adani Group’s proposed mines in the Galilee Basin would also prove to be a rewarding and collaborative venture for Australia and India and it will open doors for shipping as well.

Australian Trade minister Andrew Robb said the government had forged a long relationship between India and Australian mining companies by approving two Queensland coal projects in the Galilee Basin.

“10,000 mining jobs created in Queensland”

Predictions of some 10 billion dollars worth of investment could see up to 10,000 jobs created with the benefits to be felt well into the 22nd century.

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