Queensland LNG Jobs

Queensland LNG Jobs

Queensland LNG Jobs - iMINCOQGC employing 15 people daily for LNG jobs. QGC is at the forefront of developing coal seam gas in the Surat Basin of Queensland for domestic and export markets through its Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) Project.

The project to date has created thousands of Queensland LNG Jobs.

QGC`s target to become Queensland`s first LNG exporter is on track with its $20 billion LNG plant on Curtis Island progressing along very quickly, with it due for completion as early as 2014.

The company recently revealed that over the past 6 months they have been hiring more than 15 people a day as activity has ramped up significantly in the QCLNG project. QGC is so keen to snap up qualified people as soon as possible, they held a recruitment information evening this week for locals in Gladstone. The company hopes to  secure the right kind of workers to fill their Queensland LNG jobs vacancies as work ramps up both on and off the island.

The project is well on track: In June 2013 the roof was raised on QCLNG Tank A to mirror the first engineering feat of this kind performed in QLD when the roof of Tank B was raised in February 2013.

QGC recently reported the list of Queensland LNG jobs they are targeting include:

  • Production area supervisors
  • Production technicians
  • Mechanical technicians
  • QMI technicians
  • E&I maintenance co-ordinators.

BG Group, the parent of QGC Australia is expected to solidify a strong presence in Australian Mining for many years to come. BG is a leading player in global energy and operates in 25 countries over five continents. This offers you an insight into their magnitude and the career possibilities ““ particularly right now if you`re hunting for jobs in LNG in Queensland.

If you`re looking to target a quality company who is hiring right now, or if you want a resource sector job in Gladstone, then the QGCLNG project is world class in scale and well worth investigating.

11,600 people have jobs in LNG with QGC, with a current snapshot of current contracts showing they are investing nearly $1 billion in Gladstone alone. QGC has already spent $12 billion in Australia of which the majority – $9.6 billion was spent in Queensland. This is fantastic news for those looking for a QLD mining job right now, particularly in Gladstone.

QGC revealed they have exciting plans to grow the business in Australia offering future employees an opportunity to build a fulfilling and long term career across a wide range of disciplines.

For more information on jobs with QCB

If you would like to know where to start getting into the Australian gas industry,  then read these articles on Queensland LNG Jobs.

If you want a mining job on the QGC LNG project, here`s some absolutely essential information to give you a head start.

  • Research research and do more research on the QGC LNG Project first! Their website www.qgc.com.au is jam-packed full of essential information. You have to understand how their entire operation works, this will ensure if you are phoned for an interview you are ready with a good answer that will impress the caller.
  • It is really important you know what QGC do, where they are located and what their future growth forecasts are. We advise to add relevant parts of this information to your LNG job application cover letter. This will help you stand out from the crowd because many job seekers use replicated and very generalised cover letters for all job applications which tend to create a negative impression on the person who is reviewing your application. Recruiters are looking for employees who are motivated, with  and initiative to go above and beyond.
  • Research BG Group`s financial position on the Australian Stock Exchange. They are a listed company, so you can learn everything about their financial position and their forecast for growth.



  • Prepare your resume ““ spend the time to market yourself on paper, as this is the first step to getting an interview. Ensure your resume is up-to-date and has no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. Read our resume tips to help you be more successful with your LNG job applications.
  • Prepare in advance for your interview. If you`re nervous or need help preparing then read our tips on “how to interview well for a job with QGC“.
  • Remember, your social media profile is transparent and most things you post online can be accessed somehow! Ensure you don`t hamper your chances of an interview from use of foul language or dodgy pictures.
  • When you submit your job application, always follow up with a phone call to ask if they have received it. Ensure you call the correct person as listed on the advertisement. This shows you are keen, motivated and action based.
  • If you do get an email or a phone call regarding your job application, be prepared to answer questions immediately, calmly and confidently and ensure your voice shows your enthusiasm. Remember politeness, respect and attitude goes a long way.
  • If you`ve have not heard back from them within a week or so, call them and enquire about your application. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other applicants and puts a human voice behind your application ““ is also ensures they open it.
  • When you have been for the interview, it’s a nice touch to send a thank you note to the person who interviewed you. Send this about a week after the interview.  This shows you are a people person and aware of how to interact with people and make them feel valued in their job. In any job, you will be working with teams of people, so your highly polished people skills will be a sought after commodity.

Remember mining Queensland LNG jobs are not ever going to be offered to you on a plate ““ you must work hard and keep knocking on doors to get that dream job you want. You also have to self-invest and spend the money on doing the relevant training courses. Our research shows it can take 6-12 months to break in.

You have the right mix of skills and attitude and complete motivation to go above and beyond to break into the highly competitive LNG industry in Australia.

Reference: iMINCO Resource Industry Information | Queensland LNG Jobs at QGC

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