Queensland coal mine jobs to increase after federal government approval

Queensland coal mine jobs to increase after federal government approval

New Queensland coal mine jobs to be created after expansion approval

The New Acland coal mine in Queensland has just received approval for their proposal of a $900million expansion, a decade after first proposing the growth project.

Operated by New Hope Group, the expansion will increase the annual production of thermal coal to 7.5 million tonnes.

Whilst they are still needing several state based approvals, this federal approval is a major step in the right direction.

Annual production to increase up to 7.5million tonnes

New Hope managing director Shane Stephen said protection and biodiversity conservation act (EPBC) approval from the federal government demonstrated that the environmental credentials of the project “stack up”.

“It`s positive news for the local community as it provides optimism for the continuity of operations at New Acland and the increased economic activity associated with the construction of the project,” Stephen said.

Hundreds of Queensland coal mine jobs set to be created

The expansion project is set to create up to 260 construction jobs, ongoing employment for up to 435 people directly and 2300 indirectly, as well as a $12 billion economic benefit over the project life to 2029.

This announcement also brings some degree of comfort to the thousands of people who already depend on the mine.

New Acland Coal Mine

Currently, the New Acland mine provides $300 million annually to the south-east Queensland economy and $110 million per year to the Darling Downs. It employs more than 300 locals, 160 full-time contractors and 2,300 indirect jobs. The proposed expansion will ensure these employment and economic benefits continue to play a major part in the region.

What You Need for Queensland Coal Mine Jobs

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  2. Four Wheel Drive
  3. Confined Spaces
  4. Work At Heights
  5. A Medical Examination

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Queensland Coal mine jobs to increase


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