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Queensland Coal Jobs

Queensland mining jobsThe first coal mining project for Cape York in North Queensland has been agreed to by the indigenous Kalpowar people through their leader Gerhardt Pearson and Bounty Mining and should see many coal jobs created in both construction and operation the ABC reported recently.

The Wongai project is set to generate 1.1million tonnes each yearfor export and will create 250-270 jobs in construction, with a further 200 mining jobs once operational.

Once mined, the coal will be transported by truck to the coast, where it will be moved on barges to ships offshore.

Bounty Mining director Rob Stewart, said: “What we`ve chosen to do, because it`s a small-scale mining operation, is to barge the coal from shallow water out to deeper waters where we would have a ship anchored at a trans-shipment point, which is quite a common practice in many overseas countries but it`s not common in Australia,” he said.

“No port, therefore no dredging, will be needed.”

“You transfer the coal from the barge to the ship in deeper waters.

“It is done very efficiently and very effectively in many other countries. Indonesia in particular has a lot of trans-shipment points.”

Mr Stewart said Indigenous owners will earn revenue from the sale of the coal as well as be employed on the project.

This project could become one of the first ventures in Queensland to benefit from new agreements on environmental approvals being discussed between State and Federal government at the moment.

The Federal Government and Queensland State Government signed a memorandum of Understanding this week, handing over more power to the State to conduct environmental assessments in a bid to get quicker approvals for new mining projects.

The incoming Coalition government has been keen to cut red and green tape, therefore providing businesses with more certainty, which will hopefully spur more investment in Queensland.

Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, said: “The agreement is a significant step for the Australian Government as it puts in place measures to maintain current environmental protection while cutting the duplication and administrative burden which can unnecessarily delay major investments.

“By setting the environmental bar high, to an agreed standard, businesses in Queensland will not have to jump over the same hurdle multiple times.

“What we will have is one process that gives business certainty and produces great environmental outcomes.”

State Environment Minister Andrew Powell said there would be no drop off in standards.

“The Commonwealth will continue to work with us to ensure those high environmental standards are achieved,” Powell said.

Powell said his federal counterpart is aiming for a nine month turnaround in decisions, but that a final deadline has not yet been decided.

The draft memorandum of understanding will now be shared with Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Premier Campbell Newman to obtain their approval.

New starters looking to get into mining in Queensland need to be aware of these requirements.

  1. In most cases you may have to complete a Mining Induction course (You may not be allowed on a mining site in Queensland without this qualification). This is a 2 day course that focuses on Work Health & Safety and educates you about everyday life in mining “ including mining terminology, procedures, safety and compliance policies.
  2. You must have a current Coal Board Medical certificate, as this is a Queensland Government requirement.
  3. If you are a machine operator you will also have to transfer your civil machinery operator tickets to Black Coal Competencies.

Before you start applying for mining jobs, there are other considerations like having a mining focused resume prepared for you to give you every chance of getting that all important interview.

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