Is Queenland the place for mining jobs of the future?

Is Queensland the place for mining jobs of the future?

iMINCO - Is Queenland the place for mining jobs of the future?

If you are looking for a job in the mining industry in 2014, Queensland may be just the spot

Mining and resource sector giant, Hays Recruiting, has come out with a bold statement saying that Queensland is the top pick for mining careers.

The recruiting company has stated in its opinion demand for engineers, electricians and safety professionals is expected to be high until September 2014. The higher end of the employment market in the mining industry seems to be sheltering itself from the mainstream careers that have been under the spotlight of late.

The report,concerning Queensland mining jobs, made mention of the fact that mining companies and contractors in Queensland were recruiting for temporary contracts and assignments. Owing to a reduction in FIFO roles, there has been a refocussing on employing people from the local areas where jobs are available. The news is that remote mines who currently employ FIFO workers are looking at replacing staff as opposed to creating new roles.

There is certainly more positivity from employers in relation to the next few months – Hays

However, there is good news for workers who are prepared to move closer to where the mines are located. This move is highly favoured by mining companies. Some of the remote mines are continually searching for experienced and willing residential workers to fill various mining positions.

Mining in Australia can be unpredictable and seasonal changes often bring a shift in workforce numbers. Budgets and cash-flow projections play a major part in mining employment opportunities. The Hays report said that the new financial year budgets could see an increase in permanent mining jobs being advertised.

Hays said whilst many Australian mining companies were not taking on permanent staff, the contractor market remains healthy as more and more people were being recruited to help with peak mining activity.

This is also a result of the 2014 focus by many mining companies to usher in a new era of productivity, which relies on more hands-on-deck in certain instances. This is especially true in Queensland as employers re-engineer their processes in order to achieve cost savings, which in turn has created demand foranalysis and improvement engineers.

Owing to increased concern over mining accident, mining companies have been more targeted in instigating new processes to focus on the health and well-being of its workforce which is creating a jobs bonanza for health advisors.

People who have good skills, experience and a solid work history in delivering training and assessment programs are also in big demand.

As always electrical specialists are in demand with workers receiving a higher pay rate in the coal market, with the spin-off effect seeing a demand for experienced electricians in Queensland`s metaliferous mining sector.

Wrap up

The Queensland mining industry has faced tough times over the last 18 months. Commodity prices and internal issues have in some cases stifled the growth of the industry.

However, as you can see from the latest report by Hays, it’s not all bad news all of the time.

Opportunity lies in being prepared for the job at hand. Of course not everyone has had the opportunity to go to university and obtain a degree, which affords many people greater choice in terms of their career opportunities.

With the availability of many training courses and career pathways, there really is little excusenotto invest in upskilling and gaining new qualifications. Time-poor workers can take advantage of online training courses that can be completed over longer periods.

These types of courses can be affordable and convenient. With many online courses being available on the smallest of hand-held devices like the Apple iPhone or Galaxy S – there’s not many excuses for not taking the first steps and enrolling in a course.

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