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Qld Mines

A Healthy Industry Still Revolves Around Qld Mines

Qld MinesQld mines represent one of the most prominent industries in all of Australia. In fact, by 2014/15 there are expected to be no fewer than 38,000 new jobs in mining across Queensland. Even in today`s tight economy, this is one industry that continues to thrive and the mining community remains a tight-knit and hardworking group.

There are many operations to be found throughout Queensland, some that have been working for decades and others that have just begun within the last few years. Everything from gold, copper and silver to fossil fuels is excavated here. Among the richest and most profitable resources mined from Queensland soil is coal. It is one of the largest producers of coal worldwide and new veins continue to be discovered and tapped into regularly.

The latest of the Qld mines to open is the New Acland Mine, an open cut coal mine that began operation in 2002 with the latest output set at 10 million tonnes per annum. This particular mine is the latest in a long line of coal based operations throughout the region. It has become such a presence, in fact, that entire communities have sprung up that are populated solely by employees and their families.

With the growing number of job openings in mining today, employment opportunities abound yet many individuals still find it difficult to secure a job. The key to employment is making sure you are properly trained, by an accredited training company, and being persistent in following up on potential job leads.

As with most industries, mining is very much about who you know and forming connections within the mining community can prove invaluable. Current workers are much more likely to have an idea of what jobs are available and can put in a good word for you as a potential employee of the company. A good percentage of jobs in Qld mines are secured just this way, so having an inside approach is extremely important.

Fortunately for prospective mining employees, working conditions in Queensland and across the country are far better than in almost any other country. The large mining companies have set very strict safety standards and have even implemented the use of technology to help them maintain those standards. They have been so successful that companies in other countries are now adopting this same technology as well.

All of which means that while the mining industry carries more than its share of risks, working in Qld mines is still a safe and profitable option. Mining remains the backbone of industry in Australia and particularly in Queensland. The rich natural resources of the land provide a tremendous bounty for use in many other areas, particularly sustainable energy.

For generations, mining has been synonymous with Australian industry and ingenuity and it continues to put the country at the forefront of international trade and commerce. As long as there are natural stores of coal, zinc, lead and other resources to be drawn from the soil, there will be a need for mining work and plenty of jobs to go along with it.iminco logo

Qld Mines


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