Pybar wins zinc contract - 100's of QLD mining jobs created

Pybar wins contract for Thalanga Zinc Project – 100’s of QLD mining jobs created

In more good news for QLD mining jobs, a restart on production at Red River Resources’ Thalanga zinc project in Queensland is imminent following the awarding of the West 45 mining contract to Pybar Mining Services.

With the Thalanga mine being in care and maintenance mode since 2012, Red River Recourses began a study in 2015 looking into the mines production potential at their West 45, Far West and Waterloo deposits. With the annual production figures looking promising, Red River Resources decided that this is the right time to bring Thalanga back into production.

Zinc prices reach a nine year high

Taking advantage of the recent surge in the zinc price, which has reached a nine-year high, Red Resources were able to secure a $30 million share placement to fund the restart of this production.

With 21,4000 tonnes of zinc, 3600 tonnes of copper, 5000 tonnes of lead, 2000 ounces of gold and 370,0000 of silver predicted to be produced annually, the company is very confident that the contract has the potential to be extended beyond the initial five year mine life.

During the development and production phase, the company will also continue to focus on exploration and potential extension opportunities which could increase these numbers.

After being awarded the mining services contract, Pybar has announced that it will begin mobilising the mine site over the next two weeks, with mining operations expected to commence at West 45 soon after.

Pybar begins mobilising A1 Consolidated Gold Mine

In addition to being awarded this contact, Pybar has also recently joined forces with A1 Consolidated Gold Mine in Victoria, where they are providing mobilisation of labour and mining equipment.

With work already starting in January 2017, full time gold production is expected to begin in March this year. Pybar will then continue operations at the site for an initial period of two years, with the potential of an extension. 

How to secure a job with Pybar

Pybar is Australia’s third largest underground hard rock mining contractor with various projects across Australia. After winning the West 45 Thalanga project, it is expected that around 100 jobs will be created initially, which is great news for QLD mining jobs.

In addition to this, Pybar also have a whole host of mining jobs available around the country. With most of their operations being underground they are recruiting the following roles:

  • Nipper
  • Truck Operator
  • Storeperson
  • Service Crew
  • Charge Up
  • Bogger Operator
  • Jumbo Operator
  • Shift Supervisor
  • LV Fitters
  • Service & Shift Fitters
  • Auto Electricians

Pybar are currently advertising for workers to fill all of these roles. IMINCO expects that as production ramps up at both their A1 Consolidated Gold Mine in Victoria and Thalanga Zinc Project in Queensland, more jobs will become available. 

So if you`re looking for QLD mining jobs, now is the time to get yourself trained and ensure your application and resume up to scratch and ensure you are ready to impress.

QLD Mining Jobs with no experience

Many people ask us how to get a mining job with no experience. Obviously it depends on your previous experience, qualifications, whether you have the correct certifications, tickets and attitude but it also depends on your ability to look for work.

Did you know approximately 25% of the mining workforce in Queensland turns over each year? This is a number you should take note of because as people leave the industry, it creates opportunity for new starters to get a foot-in-the-door, so even if you have never worked in the mining industry before, with the right mix of certification, experience and ability “ you could quite easily score a job a new or restarting mine like the Thalanga Zinc Project.

To find out more about how to get a mining job with no experience, we recommend reading our introduction to mining for new starters section.

Do you hold the right qualifications?

Obtaining the essential skills and qualifications are the key to a successful job application.

To gain a mining job in Queensland, you will typically need:

  1. Mining Induction (Mining Safety)
  2. Four Wheel Drive
  3. Confined Spaces
  4. Work At Heights

If you need to talk to someone about booking in to a training course, or you need help with your resume, call us on

What is a mining induction?

A mining safety induction, also known as a Standard 11, is a certification that almost all miners will require. In fact, if you are looking for QLD Mining Jobs, you will most definitely require one.  Queensland law requires all mine workers to possess this qualification.

Whether you are just starting out applying for mining jobs, or maybe you are a contractor who is preparing for an upcoming development in QLD, you must have a current Standard 11. And… even if you aren’t in QLD we highly recommend gaining this qualification to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Keep up to date

For those who want to keep up to date with the Thalanga Zinc Project or Pybar Mining Services, especially when it comes to the possibility of more QLD mining jobs, we strongly suggest joining the iMINCO Project News email delivery list. This will help give you have the best chance at landing a well-paid job by getting the important jobs new “ first!

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