QLD Premier supports Adani Galilee Basin mine - for now!

Qld Premier supports Adani Galilee Basin mine – for now!

Campbell Newman defends Queensland mining jobs as United Nations report details fossil fuel decline by 2100

Queensland Premier steadfast in his vision for a solid Qld mining future

There are many who view politicians as aloof and ambiguous characters, who are masters of the ‘sidestep’ when it comes to answering questions that have the propensity to cause embarrassment to the government. However, Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman has done a sterling job of appeasing both his international peers as well as keeping his vision for a solid Queensland mining future intact.

In a recent comment to the United Nations, Newman said “Queensland must transition away from its fossil fuel reliant economy”.

Now . . .we must take this comment in the context it was delivered, as well as also factor in the intended audience. If Newman had made this same statement to the likes of Adani, GVK or any other coal mining company in Queensland, he could have ended up like William Wallace in Braveheart!

United Nations wants no more fossil fuels by 2100

Campbell Newman was responding to the United Nations report on climate change, which as we all know is steadfast in its resolve to stop almost all greenhouse gas emissions. They intend to achieve this by cutting out the use of fossil fuels by 2100.

Mr Newman agreed with the United Nations, going on to say that in “the longer term, Queenslandhas to move to a new type of economy”.

“I mean, coal has been great for this state over many decades and coalwill be very important for some decades to come”.

Newman went on to say that gas was to be looked upon as a transitionfuel because it is cleaner than coal and that’s why the Queensland government is behind the development of CSG-LNG projects gas in the state.

Adani/GVK Galilee Basin coal projects

The Queensland government has been a big supporter of Queensland coal miningprojects and is relying on mines being developed by Adani and GVK-Hancock in the coal-rich GalileeBasin to fire up the state’s economy.

These projects, especially the Indian-owned Adani Carmichael mine, have had a tough time getting off the ground and faced a barrage of opposition from conservationist and environmental groups alike.

Adani Galilee Basin Carmichael mine – the biggest in Australia

For those people who have been affected by the knock-on effect of the impact of lower coal prices and the subsequent job-cuts in the coal mining sector in Queensland, the Galilee Basin is being viewed as a second coming.

The Adani Carmichael mine, which is expected to be the biggest coal mine in Australia, has been creating hope and optimism for thousands of highly-qualified and experienced miners who are itching to get ‘stuck into’ a mining job with a long-term future.

Campbell Newman has been proactive in the development of these new coal mining projects in Queensland, not only because of the significant fiscal benefit to the state of Queensland through mining taxes and levies, but also for the good it will bring to the mining communities in terms of their mindset and optimism for the future.

We tend to miss the point that jobs, no matter if they are in the mining sector or not, have a massive impact on the health of the people who have employment and a solid future ahead of them. The basics of human life are to have food, shelter and to provide for families and loved ones.

When these needs are met, everyone benefits. In general people are happier and healthier, both mentally as well as physically which is a massive bonus for the region as a whole. When local communities are connected by massive engineering projects like the Galilee Basin development, there will be decades of prosperity for people who have invested their time and money in learning the skills to complete their jobs safely and in a timely manner.

Newman comments on India’s poor

“I think the point needs to be made that to take 1.3 billion people inIndia out of poverty is going to require significant energy . . .and coal,particularly, is what they are after”.

“And if Queensland doesn’t sell our cleaner coal, our low emissionscoal to them, it will be acquired from other places where the coal quality is a lot poorer, causing more issues for the local communities.”

“I think the opportunityfor Queensland is to sell them a superior product, and then to workhere to try and transition our economy to a new type of economy in thefuture,” Newman said.

Queensland mining jobs 2015

Work is expected to begin on the AdaniGalilee Basin Carmichael mine project this year. Already there have been many contracts awarded which total in the billions of dollars. International companies are getting ready to start work as soon as the flag is dropped – then it will be a boom time for Queensland once again.

There will be thousands and thousands of mining jobs created when the Adani Galilee basin Carmichael mine starts. The construction phase will employ thousands, working on opening up the Galilee Basin via a new rail link, as well as construction of the remote mining camps on-site. Jobs will be plentiful, and it is a good idea to gather as much information as possible about the project.

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