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Pluto LNG Project

Pluto LNG Project

pluto-lng-constructionThe Pluto LNG Project is a joint venture between Woodside the operator, which has a 90% interest and Tokyo Gas (5%) and Kansai Electric (5%), who became project partners in January 2008 and who have 15 year sales agreements for the gas

The $A12 billion project will process gas from the Pluto and neighbouring Xena gas fields. Pluto gas is said to be naturally low in carbon dioxide; about 2%, which is less than much of the other gas in the region.

Pluto is set to become the world`s fastest-developed LNG project to date, from the discovery of the field in 2005 to the production of first gas in late 2010.


The Pluto LNG Project is located about 190km north-west of Karratha, Western Australia, in the Northern Carnarvon Basin.


  • 200 full-time jobs
  • $A100m in a programme to offset emissions
  • $A25m for tree-plantings in 2008 and 2009 with an option to be ongoing for another 3 years
  • The largest marine monitoring programme of its kind in the world, to minimise the impact on marine life from dredging
  • A biodiversity offset programme for the project`s impact on the marine environment

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