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Plant Operator in the Mines

Jumbo Operator

Jumbo Operators are responsible for the operation of a single and /or double boom jumbo drilling rig for underground development mining with the installation of ground support.

Bogger Operators

Bogger Operators are responsible for transporting or bogging, waste rock and soil or ore onto trucks or to different parts of a mining operation.

Excavator Operator

Excavator operators are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of excavators to dig, move and load earth, rock or other materials. Excavator drivers in the minerals industry may perform the following tasks:

  • Load and unload plant from low loaders and manoeuvre it around site operations;
  • Communicate with truck drivers and other personnel to coordinate operations;
  • Operate equipment to excavate to correct levels and alignment, working from drawings and markers;
  • Back-fill trenches;
  • Select and change excavator attachments, and
  • Service equipment.

Bulldozer Operator

Bulldozer operators are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of bulldozers, using the blade and other attachments to gouge out and move rock, earth and other materials. Bulldozer drivers in the minerals industry may perform the following tasks:

  • Operate the plant to move overburden;
  • Carry out basic maintenance, adjustments and repairs to plant “ only if qualified;
  • Carry out pre start checks;
  • Set levels;
  • Use machines to anchor form, and
  • Remove obstruction on roads.

Grader Operator

Grader operators are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of graders to spread and level materials on site. Grader operators in the minerals and energy industry may perform the following tasks:

  • Level surfaces by making repeated passes over working areas and observing survey pegs or signals from co-workers;
  • Dig out ditches by tilting grader blade;
  • Break up surface with scarifying attachments, and
  • Service equipment regularly.

Scraper Operator

Scraper operators are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of scrapers which pick up, haul, deposit and level earth on mining sites. Scraper operators in the minerals industry may perform the following tasks:

  • Drive machines to scrape surfaces to a given depth and collect material in their bowls to be deposited elsewhere on site;
  • Dump and spread material following the guidance of survey pegs, and
  • Service and make minor repairs to the equipment.


Mill Operator: $70,000 “ $100,000 Jumbo Operator: $85,000 “ $180,000 Bogger Operator: $80,000 “ $130,000 Longwall Coordinator: $120,000 “ $150,000


Entry is generally through an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate II or higher qualification, a traineeship and/or at least 1 year`s relevant experience. Mining companies and contractors are the main employers of operators in the mining industry


  1. isaac eulo June 12, 2011 Reply

    To whom it my concern,My name is Isaac Eulo,ive lived in the hunter vally my entire life and am currently employed at M.T.W as a contracter.I would like the opurtunity to become part of your Thiese team at your Mt Owen operations.I’m highly motivated ,reliable,saftey conciences and always give 100 per cent.If given an opurtuniy to become part of your team it would improve my skills and knowlogde of open cut mining,Im able to send a copy of my resume and qulifications and avalible for and interview if required.
    kind regards
    Isaac Eulo

  2. Phil Townsend March 25, 2011 Reply

    Hi im looking for a job in the mining industrie in WA have experince in grader 16h operation and WA 900 600 500 and 966 980g 988 cat loader operation feeding crushers and loading dump trucks i was at murin murin 2001 as leading hand supervisior for brambles industriel then jumped the fence and worked for anaconda as it was back then also can operate d10 and 375 dozers water carts 785 and dump trucks 777 and 785

  3. Michael Currell February 19, 2011 Reply


    I have my front end loader ticket and my excavator ticket, and am looking to get a job within the mining industry. I also have experince with using a mobile screening plant.

    Could u please let me know of the best places to contact in QLD for people who do not have mining experince


  4. Dean Holmes December 28, 2010 Reply

    Looking t expand my bulldozer career in to the mines on a fifo bases.

    • Pete - iMINCO December 28, 2010

      Hi Dean
      They are screaming out for experienced dozer operators in the mines especially in Qld around the Bowen Basin.Firstly you need to transfer your civil tickets to Black Coal Competencies. You can find the information to transfer your Black Coal Competencies
      Then I would suggest a Generic Inductionto strengthen your resume.

      Get it to all the contractors in the mines. I’d be confident of your chances someone has decided to not come back to his job after the Christmas break and suddenly you are in front of their minds and available straight away. I got my phone call and caught a plane out the next day.

      There will be jobs but you have to work hard and smart for them.

      Pete Evans iMINCO

  5. christian matthies September 18, 2010 Reply

    Im also interested in these courses particulary jumbo operator please let me know prices and course duration as i live in nsw

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