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Oil and Gas Australia

Oil and Gas Australia Production

Oil and Gas AustraliaThere are numerous oil and gas Australia exploration and production companies. Chevron, ExxonMobil Australia, Origin Energy and Shell are a few examples. Chevron just recently discovered more gas off the Western coast. You might say petroleum is booming in the country.

The boom means good things for the economy. The industry needs numerous employees including skilled workers and unskilled laborers.

The skilled workers needed include operators and engineers. Unskilled laborers include maintenance teams and helpers.

Roughnecks and Roustabouts are two of the more common positions. The positions require training. Some companies offer on-the-job training. There are also educational facilities that provide entry level training for those positions.

The work is hard and sometimes requires long periods away from home, especially when the job is on an offshore drilling platform. But the pay is excellent and that is what attracts many workers to the industry.

There are a number of useful resources for people interested in the field and for those that are currently in the industry. Oil and Gas Australia for example is a magazine-type energy publication that has been published continuously since 1981.

The magazine is considered a reference tool for industry activity in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a well-respected publication that is recognised by leading petroleum companies and government bodies. The latest news concerning new operations and new employers can be found by using the magazine.

The first significant discoveries were made in the mid 1960`s in the Bass Strait near the city of Melbourne. The Bass Strait is the body of water off the southern coast of Victoria separating mainland Australia and Tasmania.

Since those early discoveries, the industry has continuously made significant contributions to the country`s economy. The 2009 oil and gas Australia production amounted to over 119 million barrels plus another 57 million barrels of condensate.

Energy security is one of the big concerns of governments around the world. 58% of the energy used in Australia in 2009 was produced in the country.

Overall, the industry is worth about $28 billion per year accounting for 2.5% of the country`s gross domestic product and a significant amount of tax income for the states. The production of LPG or natural gas is likely to continue to rise as new discoveries continue to be made. Oil production on the other hand has declined over the years.

It is the country`s sedimentary basins that are responsible for oil and gas Australia production only 12 of the 50 basins are producing petroleum. There is still much room for exploration and industry growth.

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Oil and Gas Australia


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