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Offsite training centres for mining

Complete offsite training centres for mining are becoming popular with mining companies because they allow for a larger number of new starters to learn skills in a safe, practical environment. The offsite training centres closely replicate conditions when working on a real mine site and producecandidateswho are experienced and have a commitment to safety from the start.

Mining companies choose offsite training as a cost effective way to develop their workforce. They have the advantage of being able to design multiple courses to suit their requirements. Offsite training can be set up to be scaleable to meet the requirements of the client.

Courses are set up as individual modules that can be added to the students program at anytime. For example a new starter may want to do the following which will teach them about the mining industry before they complete their training.

  1. Introduction to Mining 1 day
  2. Dump Truck Course 5 day
  3. Mining Induction 3 day
  4. First Aid Course 1 day
  5. Coal Board Medical 1 day
All training is held offsite so there is no safety risk to the mining company from having cleanskins driving around on the mine site. Mining inductions are included for those looking to work in Queensland mines.
Mining companies, labour hire companies and recruitment companies have allacknowledgedthe benefits of offsite training programs like these to be able to deliver skilled new starters who are already trained up and work ready.
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  1. nick August 25, 2011 Reply

    im interested in finding out which of these companies offer these offsite training centres as ive been on a lookout to do some upskilling towards mining. ive also heard recently about the changes on standard 11 and that the requirements are that you have to be already working into mining TO do any of these offsite training, which is really stupid.

    can you get back to me soon regarding these issues please. thx.

    • Pete - iMINCO August 25, 2011

      Hi Nick
      It is not a requirement to have the standard 11 induction to be able to train at an offsite training centre. The offsite training centres will be announced in our project news and the iMINCO facebook page. I have your details from the induction so I will let you know. The training centres will include the mining 101 course. Locations NSW and QLD.
      Pete iMINCO
      RE: offsite training centres including Mining101

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