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NSW mining – new iron ore project could exceed 50 years

iMINCOA new iron ore mining project could create 1000s of jobs in NSW over the next 50 years.

The Hawsons NSW mining project, a joint venture between Carpentaria Exploration and Pure Metals, could produce 20 million tonnes a year.

Iron ore mining project could create 1000s of jobs in NSW

Hawsons project has the potential to make the mining company a big player in the Australian iron ore industry. In fact, Mr. Hill is not alone in his estimation, with the NSW Government previously labeling it a ‘state significant development’ project.

The Hawsons mining project is located 60km south-west of Broken Hill and contains an inferred resource of 1.4 billion tonnes at 15.5 per cent iron for 220 million tonnes of 69.9 per cent iron concentrate.

Carpentaria Exploration oversee the NSW mining project through a management committee comprising of representatives from Carpentaria`s joint venture partner Pure Metals.

“great advantage over rival Australian magnetite projects”

Being located so closely to Broken Hill enables the project to tap into the existing local infrastructure giving it a great advantage over rival Australian magnetite projects. Many of these rival projects are required to outlay major capital expenditure simply for infrastructure needed to export the product.

Consider the Hawsons project. It is conveniently located 50km from the east”“west rail corridor, operating an existing capacity for over 10 million tonnes per annum to Port Pirie. In turn Port Pirie, which is located about 370km to the west, has capacity for exporting over 20mtpa utilising barges to cape-size vessels.

In addition to access to an already identified water supply just 80km from the site, the Hawsons project also has an existing electrical grid with ample capacity to service the entire project.

Hawsons is also able to reduce costs through its soft ore production.

“50 years of NSW mining ahead”

The potential mine life for the Hawsons project is likely to exceed 50 years which translates to becoming a long-term generator of wealth for the Broken Hill region and also Carpentaria`s shareholders.

Carpentaria Exploration Managing Director Quentin Hill is excited about the prospects of this iron project as he boasts that “The Hawsons project has been described as ‘the future of mining in western NSW’,”

Mr Hill has gone on to describe the project as ” . . . a very large project with the potential to transform the company into a significant producer of iron ore over the long term.”

“highest grade iron ore at a low cost”

Quentin Hill believes that the project has the potential to carve its own identity in the Australian and global iron ore market given its ability to produce Australia’s highest grade iron ore at a low cost.

Iron ore production is expected to begin as early as 2018 and aims to produce 10mtpa initially, with the potential to expand over time. There is a bright future ahead for those people who are looking to the the mining industry to develop a long term career in NSW mining.


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