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NSW Coal Mining Jobs – Peabody Energy Expands

LNG, coal jobsA surplus of NSW coal mining jobs are expected alongside an $18 million dollar expansion of the Wilpinjon coal mine near Mudgee NSW, proposed by Peabody Energy.

The Wilpinjong Mine is an open-cut mine located 40 kilometers north-east of Mudgee that produces a high quality thermal coal for export and domestic markets.

Approval would mean a mine expansion of 70 hectares which would see an extra 3 million tonnes of coal extracted…..and NSW coal mining jobs on the horizon.

Wilpinjon mine is ever-changing and expanding, with this being its fifth modification since Peabody purchased Wilpinjong in 2006. The mine has a workforce of around 550 people and has a mine life authorisation of 2027.

“For those looking for coal mining jobs in NSW, this expansion would see an additional 80 people over 12 months employed in coal mining jobs in NSW.Wilpinjong’s Project”

Development Manager Jamie Lees stated they are needing some minor improvements to the mine`s infrastructure to increase the efficiency of operation. Some of these improvements include a belt press filter to help in tailings management and to improve water efficiency on site. A light vehicle maintenance facility to maintain the light vehicles onsite rather than, cutting out the downtown when sending them to Mudgee for maintenance.

NSW coal mining jobs

“”. with the increase in coal we get access to, we see an increase of employment of 80 people over 12 months and I suppose if you flow those jobs on, you have an indirect benefit of 157 jobs,” Jaimie Lees explained to ABC yesterday.

Mr Lees also explained that this equates to a regional output, or business turnover of $234 million. With public submissions on the proposal close on September 9 – NSW coal mining jobs could be on offer in the near future.

“Mining`s Greatest Growth Lies Ahead Of It”

In the face of the political storm that lies ahead with the election, one thing should be kept in mind for those looking for coal mining jobs, the resources output for coal and iron ore is increasing, natural gas is booming and “Mining`s greatest phase of growth lies ahead of it,” said forecaster Chris Richardson, speaking to the ABC recently.

When looking at the Peabody Energy website (www.peabodyenergy.com) it seems they have a continuous flow of coal mining jobs on offer. Peabody Energy is the world`s largest private coal company and a global leader in sustainable mining and clean coal solutions and would be a great company to get a foot in the door with, recently celebrating its 125th anniversary. The company serves metallurgical and thermal coal customers in nearly 30 countries on six continents. With more than 8,300 employees globally – with around 3000 across 11 mines in Australia, and with their history of expanding projects, it seems this company might be a good one to keep an eye on.

Reference: NSW Coal Mining Jobs as Peabody Energy Expands


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