Estimates of over 100 new NSW coal mining jobs at Yancoal

NSW coal mining jobs boost at Yancoal

More NSW coal mining jobs at Yancoal’s Gloucester Basin mines

Mining company Yancoal Australia has announced that the NSW Planning and Assessment Committee has approved the extension application to the Stratford project.

Yancoal’s Stratford Mining Complex, which is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Yancoal called Stratford Coal; is a vast open-cut coal mining operation in the Gloucester Basin, which is about 100 kilometres north of Newcastle in New South Wales.

The Stratford extension project centres around the extension of mining into three new open cut mining areas (Roseville West Pit Extension, Avon North Open Cut and Stratford East Open Cut).

The existing Bowens Road North Open Cut mine will also be upgraded as well as an opportunity to recover the Stratford Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) rejects from the western co-disposal area.

Good news for NSW mining jobs with Yancoal

This is great news for the miners who are working in the region, especially for Yancoal coal mining jobs development. The approval of the extension has prolonged the life of the coal mine for about another 11 years. Another plus for the mine is that it is expected around 125 new jobs will be created and an estimated production capacity of some 2.6 million tonnes per year.

NSW mining jobs in the Hunter Valley have been under extreme pressure for a few years now as coal prices slide uncontrollably.

There’s a lot of qualified mine-ready workers living in the NSW coal mining region and this news will lift the spirits of people who are looking for permanent and contract work – especially those who can DIDO or BIBO to the mine.

The Commission supports the project, as it fits in with the accepted protocols for the efficient extraction of a coal resource within an existing mine framework and ensures the continuation of its strong association with the nearby Duralie mine.

As usual with these types of project extensions, Yancoal said its proposed extension has also to be vetted under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act from the Commonwealth Department of the Environment.

About Yancoal

Yancoal Australia Ltd is a listed public company with a focus on mining coal in Australia. The Company is reported to be one of the largest export coal mining companies in Australia, producing both thermal and metallurgical coals from its mines in Queensland and New South Wales.

Coal production is planned to grow over the next five years from a number of brownfield projects. Yancoal also manages on behalf of its majority shareholder an additional two mines located in Queensland and Western Australia.

Have a read of Yancoal’s 2014 AGM presentation. It provides a gateway into the mining activities of the company and proves a good research tool for people who are looking to work within the organisation.
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