NSW coal mine jobs – China coal demand soar 22%

NSW coal mine jobs – China coal demand soars 22 per cent in 2014

NSW coal mine jobs – Chinese demand rises by a massive 22 per cent in last financial year

NSW coal mine jobs are looking more stable with a Coal Services report on new export figures showing coal exports have risen by almost 8%, from 155 to 167 million tonnes.

Coal accounts for 20 per cent of NSW exports

Coal is the state`s single most valuable merchandise export, contributing 20 per cent of all exports leaving the state by value.

“increased by 22 per cent”

China`s demand for NSW coal has increased by 22 per cent over the last financial year.

Recent reports in the Age that the Chinese appetite for high quality coal will steadily grow over the coming years appears to already be bearing fruit.

Chinese demand for high-quality Australian coal will increase

A new report predicted that while the speed of growth will be slower, Chinese demand for high-quality Australian coal will increase. This is partly due to the sliding Aussie dollar over the next five years.

The Coal Services report shows all of Asia is still hungry for Australian coal, with demand from Taiwan rising by 14 per cent, demand in Korea up by 8.7 per cent, and demand in Japan higher by 1.7 per cent.

NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said the results fly in the face of predictions that coal would falter as a key export.

Coal is a valuable commodity for NSW

“Coal is our State`s most valuable export commodity, so it`s good news for the NSW economy that demand for coal is growing steadily across all our main export markets,” Galilee said.

Japan accountsfor 43 per centof NSW coal exports, followed by China with 23 per cent, Korea with 16 per cent, Taiwan with 10 per cent and the rest of Asia accounting for the remaining eight per cent.

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