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Northern Territory Jobs in Mining, Oil & Gas

Santos oil and gas jobs. Norther Territory mining jobs.

Santos commits to a $100 mil drilling project in the Northern Territory.

The global oil and gas company Santos has funded a $100 million drilling and appraisal program in the Northern Territory. It’s expected the Mereenie gas fields expansion program which was sanctioned by the Northern Territory government, is expected to take place over the next year.

The Mereenie project has been operated by Santos since 1993 and is locatedin the Amadeus Basin, 250 kilometres west of Alice Springs. The field has yielded over 16 million barrels of oil and condensate since it started production in 1984.

The onshore Mereenie program will target oil while also evaluating natural gas resources and it’s expected the field will have an oil and natural gas production life-span of 17 years.

Santos said yesterday that it may increase drilling activities if the initial drill samples were favourable. This announcement will see further investment which means more Norther Territory mining jobs, with a focus on central Australia as a location for additional jobs created by the project.

Who are Santos?

Santos are a global energy company and have been active in Australia since 1954. They are leading oil and gas exploration, development, construction, production and processing company supplying customers throughout Australian and Asian.

They have developed major oil and liquids businesses and operates in all mainland Australian states and the Northern Territory. A key focus for Santos is LNG, with significant interests in four LNG projects, including GLNG and PNG LNG.

With over 3,000 employees across Australia and Asia, Santos` values a safe, sustainable operations and working environment, partnering with communities, governments, business partners and shareholders.

Key Australian projects

  • The $490 millionFletcher Finucane project is a Santos offshore joint venture 7 km south of the existing Fletcher oil field and 16 km east of the Mutineer-Exeter floating production platform in Western Australia. The first oil expected by mid-2013.
  • GLNG (Gladstone QLD) construction of a 7.8 mtpa two-train LNG plant, port development and infrastructure is over 50% complete. On track for first LNG in 2015.
    The Santos GLNG project aims to convert coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export to global markets.This development of CSG resources involves construction of a 420-kilometre gas transmission pipeline from the gas fields in the Bowen and Surat Basins to Gladstone, Queensland.
  • First well of the 16-well onshore Cowralli pad in the Cooper Basin, situated on the South Australia and Queensland borders. The investment isapproximately $11.5 billion, making it one of Australia`s largest onshore oil and gas resources projects. There are hundreds of fields producing oil and gas in this region flowing through 5,600 kilometres of pipelines.
  • High-impact Western Australian drilling underway at the Bassett West project in the Browse Basin, located in coastal waters off the north-west coast of Australia. Activities in the Winchester exploration and Bianchi wells in the Carnarvon Basin are also progressing.

Santos jobs

People looking for oil and gas jobs in the Northern Territory, Queensland, South and Western Australia should start to take notice of the many projects and take the time to research the company jobs board.

The Santos website is They have offices Australia-wide and their website has a comprehensive jobs board advertising 100’s of jobs in mining, LNG construction jobs, oil and gas jobs in Western Australia, Queensland LNG construction jobs as well as resource jobs in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Their website currently has a wide selection of job vacancies and they are currently looking for;

  • Maintenance Positions (Gladstone (QLD) LNG project)
    • Mechanical Maintenance Team Leader
    • I/E Maintenance Team Leader
    • Mechanical Technician
  • Senior Staff Geologists
  • Information Management Specialists
  • Environmental Managers
  • Technical Assistants (Exploration)
  • Technicians
  • Procurement Manager (drilling and exploration)
  • Commercial Adviser

Before you apply for Santos jobs, here’s a checklist to increase your chances of landing an interview

  • Oil & Gas job resume service. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and contains the right mix of keywords, experience and training required for a job in the oil & gas exploration an production. If you’re not confident your resume is good enough, or you’d like a free appraisal, go to the iMINCO resume page for more information, or call Resource Resumes on If you send in your resume they will send you back recommendations on how you can improve it and make it more appealing to Santos.
  • Get your tickets and qualifications up-to-date. if you need to do a refresher course, now is the time.
  • Consider adding more qualifications and competencies to your resume. If you’ve completed courses like Work Safely at Heights, Enter and Work in Confined Space, Gas Test Atmospheres and Light Vehicle operations. it may seem like you don’t need them at the moment, however, Santos will be looking to recruit people who have the right mix of skills, qualifications, attitude and awareness of the safety requirements whilst working in the oil and gas industry.

Recommended reading on CSG and LNG jobs, projects in Australia:

  • LNG pipeline jobs in Australia
    Coal seam gas (CSG) production has increased from 1 PJ in 1996 to 139 PJ in 2008. It accounts for over 10 per cent of total gas consumption in Australia and 30 per cent of eastern states` consumption.
  • Santos News South Wales CSG-LNG gas jobs
    Santos, who are NSW`s largest owner of coal seam gas acreage begin its long-planned and long-awaited $500 million CSG (Coal seam gas is natural gas extracted at low pressure from coal.) exploration program, creating hundreds drilling, mining, construction and pipeline development jobs in the sector.
  • Queensland CSG-LNG projects forge ahead
    Queensland GSG to LNG projects forge ahead with the runaway mining investment boom that “had years to run” and speculation about its death was greatly exaggerated, according to two of the country`s major forecasters.

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