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WA Mining Jobs: Workers of the giant Swick Mining Services and Newmont Limited should rest assured that their Jundee WA mining jobs won`t be terminated anytime soon.

In fact Swick`s Newmont APAC drilling contract has been renewed for three more years, which could mean more WA mining jobs.

While making the announcement of the three year extension, Swick`s managing director, Kent Swick, reaffirmed his company`s commitment towards service delivery to Newmont. He was also proud of being granted this tender and was “looking forward to continuing the very strong business partnership with Vermont”.

The news of a continued contract comes barely a month since Newmont cut the number of workers in its Granites Gold mine site and provides the perfect example of how quickly things can evolve in the mining and resources sector. If you are eyeing one of the underground WA mining jobs in Jundee, then you should watch this space constantly for continuous updates on new developments as well as new Australian mining jobs openings from all over the country.

Swick`s and Newmont`s joint gold mine ventures – Must-know company info for WA Mining Jobs

Swick is one of the leading underground drilling companies in Western Australia.

The company currently operates 12 underground rigs between Vermont`s Jundee and Granites mining fields in WA and NT respectively. It has been offering its underground drilling services to Vermont for several years, providing hundreds of WA mining jobs.

As of June 2013, Swick operates 54 drill rigs out of the 78 at its disposal. This is a significant shift from the 58 rigs that it operated last year although it had just 72 to use in its mining exploration operations.

Newmont on the other hand is one of the largest gold mining companies in the world with interests in Australia, Africa, North and South America, New Zealand and Indonesia. It was established in 1921 and has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado in the US.

Benefits enjoyed by those with jobs at Newmont

If you think that your current employer offers the best WA mining jobs, take a look at Newmont`s Employee benefits. For instance a Communications technician enjoys the following packages:

  • Comprehensive medical insurance for himself/herself and his/her family.
  • Sporting facilities and a new dry mess.
  • Direct jet flights from Darwin, Perth, Brisbane or Alice Springs.
  • Huge salary and annual bonuses.

According to the company website, employees are entitled to annual reviews of their salaries and a lifestyle-friendly FIFO roster.

You need to note that the communications technician post is still open and you can therefore apply for it.

As a matter of fact, you have until 15th September 2013 to apply for this WA job alongside many other roles advertised on the Newmont website directly under their careers section of Australia. – this is a link directly to their job board. As Newmont is one of the worlds largest gold mines with over 40,000 employees worldwide, you can imagine the immense career potential for mining jobs in Australia.

Panning for gold mining jobs – how to WA mining jobs

Is your career related to the mining and drilling industry? Have you been applying for one of the many WA mining jobs with little success?

You don`t need to worry as we will give you tips on how to maximise your chances of getting a shot at one of the Australian gold mining jobs that you have been yearning for.

You need to know that mining jobs in Western Australia may only be given to workers who have successfully completed all the mining induction safety training courses. Although there are specific site inductions that you may have to take once you have been given a job offer. These courses are designed to equip mining workers with safety and risk awareness skills and reflect your dedication and motivation to the company and your chosen career in mining.

This and the self-investment in your career in some of Australia’s best mining qualifications, certainly gives you a leg up over over people applying for the same job who don’t have the same outlook as you. Particularly when applying at large companies like Newmont or Swick who are extremely safety, actually let’s say meticulously WH&S focused. If you have completed the correct mining training courses, mining companies will feel confident that if they give you a job, there will be minimal instances of injury and accidents. This means a better investment for them (as injuries and accidents cost mining companies millions each year).

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