More QLD Mining Jobs - Abbot Point Expansion Gets Govt Approval

QLD Mining Jobs – Abbot Point Expansion

Abbot Point Expansion Gets Govt Approval iMINCORecent environmental approvalfrom the Australian government now allows for the Abbot Point coal terminal expansion to begin, creating more QLD mining jobs.

Major dredging work will expand the coal shipping port in a bid to stimulate coal mining investment in the Bowen Basin and Galilee Basin.

The government, it its recommendation said India’s Adani Group would be allowed to build the new terminal at Abbot Point. The approval opens up the way to increase coal export capacity by 70%, making Australia’s most northerly coal port a new hot spot for QLD mining jobs.

Abbot Point – one of the largest coal ports in the world

The coal port expansion would see four new coal terminals built which would provide extra annual capacity of 120 million tonnes. Once the port expansion was completed, Abbot Point would have the reputation being one of the largest coal ports in the world, with an estimated 300 million tonnes of coal moving through the port annually.

“coal exports to skyrocket”

Adani has previously said the proposed Abbot Point Coal Terminal development paves the way for new mines to be approved in Australia’s coal-rich Bowen,Surat, andGalileebasins. These coal mining regions hold some of the biggest coal deposits in the world and when fully operational would enable coal exports to skyrocket. Adani’s Carmichael mine has been flagged as a major project in the region and is expected to create thousands of QLD mining jobs in the construction phase as well as an ongoing production workforce.

The new coal terminal will be situated adjacent to the existing X50 Abbot Point Coal Terminal, which the Queensland state government leased to Adani in 2011 a $1.83 billion dollar deal.

Other coal mines under consideration in the adjacent GalileeBasin include GVK Power & Infrastructure’s 30 million tonne per yearKevin’s Corner mine. The approval is a significant milestone in the development of the GVK Hancock Terminal 3 port facilities and coal assets in the Galilee Basin, including the Alpha, Alpha west coal projects. The approval also means construction of the rail network, as well as the integration of the existing network to Abbot Point can get underway.

GVK also has well documented plans to develop theAlphaCoal mine in a joint venture with Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting.

There are other cola mining projects still in the feasibility stage including ChinaFirst, a 40-million-tons-per-year thermal coal mine.

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Do want a QLD mining job? – get the right training

Mining jobs in Queensland are sought after by many people. Mining companies can afford to be choosy who they hire these days, the days of walking into a mining job without and previous training or qualifications are over. Mining is a risky business and a lack of awareness around safety training and an understanding of how mines work, can end in injury or even loss of life.

The Queensland government has created legislation around the mining industry that saves lives. New laws concerning WHS and safety training have given Queensland the honourable reputation of having the world’s safest mining record in terms of accidents and fatalities.

“you must have this qualification or you may not be allowed on site”

This is due to the stringent pre-employment and mining induction course that everyone who finds themselves in a QLD mining job would have previously completed.

New starters to the mining industry in QLD must complete the mining induction course, which is also known as the Standard 11. Even if you are a tradesperson, or a contractor looking for QLD mining jobs, you must have this qualification or you may not be allowed on site.

Most mining companies have their own induction training, however this is more focused around becoming familiar with the actual mine site and understanding the safety, compliance and operational procedures.

Increase your QLD mining job chances

Having the relevant experience as well as proving to employers you are someone who is serious about a career in mining will help you a great deal when applying for QLD mining jobs.

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