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If you’re on the lookout for mining jobs in WA, there’s more good news.

Late last week mining contractor heavyweight Barminco was awarded with the production and development contract for Gold Field Limited`s Agnew gold mine in WA.The company have been operating and developing onsite since May 2010 and with a contract extension to 2016 and mining tasks for the company expanding, Barminco is a company on the up and up.

With an ability to evolve to meet the rampant changes of the colossal resources industry, Barminco is amongst the world’s leading underground mining contractors and have plenty of mining jobs in Australia on offer.

They have managed to solidify their position as an industry leader by reducing production costs and inefficiencies by delivering in excess of 40% in increased output within their first year of production.

Barminco have snapped up another million dollar mining contract which is great news for those seeking mining jobs in WA, as it is expected they will be hiring. Barminco is a well worth keeping under the radar as they certainly are implementing some of the most forward-thinking techniques and certainly seem to be “making hay while the sun still shines”.  It seems this company is like a chameleon, adapting themselves well to the ever-changing backdrop of the mining industry, to ensure their longevity.

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Fast WA Mining Facts – Agnew Gold Mine

  • Agnew gold mine site is a major Australian gold mine, located 375 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie, around 1000kms NE of Perth.
  • The Agnew gold mine produces over 160,000 ounces of gold per year, with the tenement currently holding 1.3 million ounces of gold in reserves.
  • Gold is sourced at the Agnew Mine from both underground and open pit mining methods and mining takes place underground at the Agnew Gold Mine at the Waroonga, with access obtained via a decline that extends 850 metres from the surface.
  • The mine is seen as a solid base with immense future growth prospects in the Eastern Goldfields Region of WA (which is ideal for those seeking well paid WA mining jobs).
  • The Agnew Gold mine is viewed by owners Gold Fields as an investment that will solidify the company`s reputation as a world leader in sustainable gold mining ““ again a great company to attain experience with if you’re on the lookout for mining jobs working in a gold mine.
  • With Barminco being awarded an extension till 2016 and expansion into production mining, it is expected they will be advertising mining job positions soon.
  • With a workforce currently of around 400, many workers live permanently in Perth and/or FIFO into Leinster; for those searching for  mining job opportunities – the Agnew workforce is set to expand, with many jobs in mining in Western Australia to pop up, alongside the mining exploration and expansion.
  • Agnew Mine`s has a sizeable tenement holding of more than 600 square km`s, with a main strategy focused on increasing the ore reserve to greater than 1.5 million ounces, which equates to more than seven years of mining ( and mining jobs in WA) , as well as work involved around finding new ore bodies.
  • For people on the hunt right now for WA mining careers at Agnew, the graduates and professional shifts tend to operate on 4 days on 3 days off, 8 days on 6 days off and some maybe a 7 days on 7 days off, however the latter are typically reserved for management or production employees.
  • Barminco development increased by 100m per week from two jumbos in the first 12 months, and exceeded the mine call and delivered in excess of 40% in increased output. The company is continuously striving to improve production and increased output and to do this – it takes good people.
(Image source - Production results increased by 40% within their 1st year of development.)

(Image source – Production results increased by 40% within their 1st year of development.)

Peter Stokes, Barminco CEO explained that the expansion and extension of our contract at Agnew further strengthens our long term partnership with Gold Fields and is a result of Barminco`s ability to consistently meet productivity targets and bring efficiencies to site, with an overlying focus and commitment to safety best practice.

Gold Fields Australasia Executive Vice President Richard Weston explained the future of the mine stating “Agnew has a strong future. We are pleased with the operation`s recent improvements in safety, costs and production. Our move to contractor mining will further assist us in our goal to generate sustainable cash returns from our operations.”

For those seeking mining jobs in WA this is great news, particularly for workers searching to break into entry level mining jobs in WA, securing yourself an underground mining job is a great way to get your foot in the door and the competition is less fierce underground.

Barminco is certainly causing quite a stir in the mining industry with no signs of slowing down, securing some large mining contracts of late, showing that being adaptable and evolving with the ever-changing mining industry is important for success. Recently we covered the story on 200 Mining Jobs in Tasmania On Offer NOW at Barminco`s 2nd Largest Australian Project  ““ after the secured the million dollar mining contract at Mount Lyell.

If you`re searching currently searching for mining jobs in WA however need to qualify yourself for the mines or up-skill then you can check out some of the best courses available here.

With the contract recently expanding and extended with Barminco you can expect they will be advertising for WA mining jobs in the near future ““ so keep an eye on their mining job board here.

If you`re searching for mining jobs in WA ““ here is a great place to start

Remember training and qualifications can take you so far, if you wish to learn more about how you can give yourself a winning edge and land a WA mining job we suggest you firstly learn how to market yourself well on paper ““ it truly makes you stand out from the crowd.

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