Mobile Plant Operator Coal mining operation Open cut Bowen Basin

Mobile Plant operators required for coal mining operation in Bowen Basin Queensland - Middlemount based mine site

Mobile Plant Operator Regional QLD

Gladstone & Central QLD

You MUST possess relevant plant certification, proof of experience or competency on similar equipment (EG 789 dump truck or >) be willing to work rotating shift patterns, adhere to site safety procedures and a clear drug and alcohol test result is required prior to commencement. Please note the specifics of this role necessitates – Coal Board Medical ...*Coal Board Medical* approval for fitness to work and random Drug and Alcohol tests.

You must be able to wear appropriate PPE including a respirator if necessary, steel capped boots and longs.

Truck Competencies

  • CAT Caterpillar 785 ...Learn about CAT 785's

    The Caterpillar 785 Haul Truck, or off-road truck as they are sometimes called are still used across the world in open-cut mining operations. This truck has proven it’s worth for years and has often been the entry-level truck for new operators.

    Progressing when competent, operators move up to the larger Caterpillar dump trucks, giving them the confidence and ability to handle larger load capacities on a range of challenging mine sites.

    One of the biggest advantages you can have is to get to know the these trucks inside out. To get started, download the Caterpillar 785 manual here.

    Dump truck training course Brisbane iMINCO
    , 789, CAT 793 ...Learn about CAT 793's

    Dump truck training course Brisbane iMINCO
  • Dumps & Tip Heads
  • RII's [...Learn about RII's] Conduct Haul Truck Operations highly desirable
  • RII's [...Learn about RII's] Conduct Water Truck Operations highly desirable

Relevant site competencies or RII's [...Learn about RII's]S required as well as Standard 11 *Standard 11 Training* coal surface extraction and Coal Board Medical ...*Coal Board Medical* Camp and Meals can be provided as well as travel from camp to site daily. DIDO or FIFO from Brisbane.

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