Mining Work - where to find mining work in Australia

Mining Work

Where to Find Mining Work

Wondering where to find mining work? is the right place. There are many skilled and unskilled mining jobs that need to be filled right now in the mining industry in Australia. Much depends on where you live or where you want to live and work, especially if you are willing to FIFO(Fly in fly out).


There are 1000’s of jobs advertised for mining work in Australia and this is only one of the job boards that you might search, The mining industry is going through rapid growth in Australia right now and continued growth is expected as more and more capital investment rolls out across major projects.

Productivity increases signal the demand for reliable and conscientious workers who are willing to commit to a long term career in the mines and are not just focused on earning a high salary and leaving after a year or two.

The top locations for mining work include the Pilbara(WA), Bowen Basin (QLD), Surat Basin (QLD), Galilee Basin (QLD) and Mackay Coalfields (QLD). Major mining work can also be found in these States, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. Mining companies look for reliable people on a regular basis including welders, supervisors, drivers, inspectors, engineers, electricians, equipment operators, project managers, construction managers and trainers.

There is also mining work in other countries, including Peru, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil. If you speak the language and are willing to relocate, you can live just about anywhere in the world and work in the mines. If you want more information on mining work and the courses you can do to make yourself more employable in the mines, see the list of courses below.


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