Mining Training: Safety First

Mining Training: Safety First

In all mining training programs, safety is the biggest issue. Although there are different kinds of mines and different kinds of jobs within those mines, safety is of utmost importance in all cases. Here you can learn about some of the safety considerations for which you may need to train.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Hardhats and steel-toed boots are not the only types of personal protective equipment you will need to become familiar with when you work in a mining and resource sector environment. While your need for personal protection may vary, it is a good idea to become familiar with the use of breathing equipment, face masks, emergency equipment and other items that will protect your short or long-term health. You also need to know how to use the devices correctly. Complete safety courses such as enter and work in confined spaces include a section that covers the correct use of this equipment.

The Importance of a Clean and Neat Work Area

Though many people think of mine jobs as dirty jobs, it is important to keep the work area clean and neat. Leaving tools lying around where someone can trip over them is an example of an unsafe practice. Electrical cords can also become safety hazards. Just about anything you can think of could cause someone to have an accident. This is one of the things you will need to think about and be aware of when you start working.

Recognising Alarms

Recognising the different alarms normally used in the mines is a part of the typical mining training program. Even a cook at a remote mine needs to know what the alarms mean and how to respond to them. The alarm could mean there is a fire, a roof collapse, a flood or the release of a hazardous material. Courses cover all the details about the alarms.

Identifying and Reporting Incidents

During a mining training safety program such as the Standard 11 Generic Induction, you will learn how to quickly identify hazards and incidents and how to report them correctly. Different mines may have different procedures, but there are similarities. Unless you are aware of the incidents that could become safety issues, a small problem could become large very quickly. One of the important things for any mine worker is to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Maintaining Personal Well-Being

Mining companies are concerned about the overall well-being of their employees. Drug or alcohol use is not allowed on worksites. Most companies have rules concerning smoking cigarettes too. Many of the materials used in and around the mines are highly flammable. It is also important to let your supervisor know if you are sick. You may not be able to do your job in the safest manner possible if you are ill.

Complete mining training programs cover all of these safety issues and many others. The better trained the employee, the safer the mine.

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