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Mining training – the pathway to mining Jobs

iMINCO Mining Training - The Pathway To Mining JobsDoes mining training have anything to do with being successful in landing a high-paying mining job? We’d like to think so – but don’t take our word for it.

Attending a mining training course and investing in your future does pay off, as we learn from Samantha, who after her training, applied for jobs in the mines . . .the rest is history.


Brisbane dump truck course - student Samantha Cummings at Industry Pathways training centre Brisbane

From Dump Truck Operator to mining Health & Safety Representative

If you’re one of the thousands of people who visit the iMINCO website each day, looking for information on how to best approach getting a job in the mining and resource industry, then Samantha’s story is well worth a read.

More often than not, we hear stories of people who constantly apply for mining jobs, only to be disappointed at the lack of a response – let alone being called in for an interview.

However, there are also many uplifting stories of people who have made a go of it in the mining industry and through perseverance, sheer guts and determination have themselves managed to carve out their own mining career pathway.

“big pay packets and new experiences”

It’s not all to do with mining training courses and qualifications, there is a much deeper side to being successful in getting a job in the mines.

For most people the allure of working in the mining industry appeals to them, not only because of the big pay packets, but also for the variety mining offers in terms of job location and for some, each day is a new experience and an opportunity to learn new things.

Learning outcomes

As adults, the capacity for continual learning seems to diminish for a lot of people. It could be something to do with the fact that once you leave school, for many people, that’s it “school’s out”. When in all reality, when you leave school, a new school begins, it’s more like a life-long commitment to the University of life.

“are you self-motivated and driven?”

Being self-motivated and driven is something that many people find hard to build into their everyday lives, these two traits in themselves are difficult to master and requires training your mind to keep yourself motivated.

In Samantha’s case, being driven and self-motivated was just what she needed to get her to where she wanted to be. Her decision to invest some of her hard earned cash in education and mining training paid off.

Samantha chose a training organisation that helped her realise she could achieve her goals and make her career aspirations come true.

“mine-experienced trainers who know their subject matter”

Mining training is not just about reading books and assessments – there is the all-important human side of training to consider as the learning process develops. Qualified and mine-experienced trainers who know their subject matter inside-out and are passionate about what they teach, can affect the training outcomes of all students who attend their course.

“her trainers were supportive throughout the training course”

As Samantha tells us of how her trainers were supportive throughout the training course, we can see how this affected her outlook after the mining training course was completed. Samantha’s words are far reaching, and have a real message for people who are thinking about doing a mining training course. And as you will read, after you have completed a training course in mining, you never know where you’ll end up and what type of job you’ll be doing.

Who would have thought completing a mining dump truck course would lead to a career in Health & Safety in the gas industry – such is the nature of the resources sector. Opportunities are everywhere – you just have to take the first step and commit to a mining training course.

Brisbane dump truck course - student Samantha Cummings at Industry Pathways training centre Brisbane

Samantha’s mining job story in her own words

I am currently working for MCJV APLNG which is one of the biggest gas pipelines in Australia.

I was only able to secure this job due to the skills and training I received from contacting iMINCO.

I had wonderful trainers and if I can remember correctly, their names were Barry and Shane. They were both very supportive and showed me all I needed to know in regards to working out on site, safety and especially operating the dump trucks.

I completed the 5 day dump truck course and I have since sent 2 of my closest friends to iMINCO to complete a similar course as it was very highly regarded. I would not have been able to land a job without having completed this training and the biggest help I found was how well my resume was done up. Having my resume done in such a professional manner,I think was a huge part of whyI also got the job in the gas industry.

I am currently a HSR (Health and Safety Representative) on a site of 33 people, I have since completed my nationally recognised 4wd training and I am also a qualified dump truck operator.

I am currently based in Calliope at the MAC Camp as we are running the pipeline to Gladstone. I am currently on a FIFO roster and I work 28 days on and i have 9 days off, 2 of those 9 days being my travel days. I cant thank the iMINCO team enough for such in depth training and I will keep on referring people your way.

I have attached some photos for your pleasure and if I can assist any further please let me know.


Mining Training Works!

Samantha’s mining training was arranged through the resource industry network of Industry Pathways, who are a Nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation who specialise in mining training courses. People looking for solid and reliable information on which training courses are available and what job opportunities can be expected as a result of acquiring a nationally recognised qualification, should call the training office on

They offer a wide range of mining training courses to help entry level job seekers, to dump truck courses, mining induction, mining management courses, Work, Health & Safety qualifications as well as Training and Assessment and even paramedical courses. For people who like to do some of their mining training by computer, there are a list of online mining courses you can also do. Either way, there is a wide range of mining training courses available, there’s no excuses not to start your mining career now!

Whatever you choose to do from here on in in terms of furthering your mining career, there’s no doubt a solid foundation built on training and skills-building will benefit you for years to come.

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